In a huge shock to the whole engineering fraternity, 12 students of ISM (Institute of Single Males) celebrated a birthday without GPL. The college authorities took immediate notice of this shocking act and suspended everyone involved in the birthday celebration. This stunning event took place on the birthday of Padhaku Teja – the notorious 10 pointer of the college. It was around 11:50 pm when Lallan Jha2 – the GPL specialist of ISM who has successfully performed GPL of more than 400 students, set out on his daily birthday/GPL hunt. When Jha2 finally reached Maggu Wing, he heard some strange voice of “Happy birthday to you” coming from a room. Stimulated by this opportunity, Jha2 rushed to the room but he was left mind-blown when he peeked inside the room. Instead of preparing for GPL, students were greeting Padhaku and were eagerly waiting to cut the cake. However, Jha2 took pity on the starved students and decided to wait outside the room. After 10-15 minutes, all the students came out of the room and started dancing to the tunes of Honey Singh’s Volume-1. Still seeing no signs of GPL, Jha2 completely lost his mind and went to call his friends. Jha2 returned with his 5 friends. They all had leather belts and chappals in their hands. Padhaku saw them coming. Sensing their bad motives, he immediately ran from the place. Jha2 and his friends followed him but they couldn’t catch him. For the entire night, they searched every room of the hostel but were unable to find Padhaku. Jha2 couldn’t endure this blow on his self-respect; next morning, he went to the dean office and narrated this inhumane act in detail.

“What! ……. How? ………… How could they ……?” was the reaction of the surprised dean. “At first I didn’t believe him, how can any student leave the golden chance of beating his friend?” the dean told our reporters, “but then Jha2 requested me to check Padhaku’s body myself”. After that, dean himself went to Padhaku’s room and minutely examined his body parts. Not finding any mark of GPL, the dean asked Jha2 the names of everyone present in Padhaku’s room that night. Dean first called the parents of the students and informed them about the in-disciplinary acts of their children. Then he issued an order suspending the students. “These students are a blot on the face of engineering, what message do they want to give to society?” said the dean. Meanwhile, some of the suspended students told our reporters the reasons for abstaining from Padhaku’s GPL. “I had not eaten anything for the last 15 days, I was surviving on only RD’s tea. Padhaku had threatened me not to give a single piece of the birthday cake if I were to forcefully do his GPL,” said one of the suspended students while justifying his acts.