What do you think is a perfect mistake? Is it the one which remains undetectable? Or the one which get detected but with wrong culprit?


On 20th June at 12:55 pm we were lying half-unconsciously at the intersection of four ways road with lacerations and few deep puncture wounds. As soon as we recovered our positions and tried to clear those horns of dilemma created by “that right turn”, we even found ourselves to be trapped in the hornets’ nest because we were considered as the real culprit for what happened 5 minutes earlier.

10 minutes back at 12:45 pm. I was going home on bike with my frustrated friend not because of the dilapidated sorry state of capital roads and fidgeting rush it’s because we wasted money on black ticket. 20th June, it’s Friday–the release day of Hamsakals.

I don’t know how one can dare to promote after making such a disgusting zero rating film because Hamsakals definitely would break your limit of endurance and what now I think all that Sajid khan knows about film making is to take a bunch of actors to London, try to spin a logic defying story, push slapstick comedy several notches below by cracking jokes on disabled, homosexuals and foreigners and have a climax that will make you bang your head against the wall.

Although this review has nothing to do with “The right turn” but it’s important to explain intensity of our frustration.

At 12:50 pm:

An approx. 24 year old boy heading north on scooty at Patna bailey road, took an unsafe right turn at intersection of four ways road, which caused to lose control on our pickup bike and leaded us to collision with southbound motorist, which ultimately led to chain reaction accident between us, the southbound motorist and a bicycle. But the road was not too busy to have serious injuries or accident and luckily we were left with little laceration and few puncture wounds only.

Ohhh….sorry…. shit…how can I forget to mention…. it’s not the sudden unsafe right turn which caused accident it’s the unsafe right turn by showing left indicator.

As the joker in movie The dark knight said “if you’re good in something never do it for free” which doesn’t mean “if you’re bad at something do it freely”.

Southbound motorist didn’t said anything but bicyclist along with other public started making it an issue considering me as the real culprit because that boy didn’t even dares to stop and look back. And those little lacerations and few puncture wounds were followed by trauma caused by this mental injury for being considered as the real culprit.

But we all know who the real culprit was and that an idiot bloody insane guy had done what I asked in the beginning its “The perfect mistake” asThe perfect mistake” is not the one which remains undetectable it’s the one which get detected but with wrong culprit.