Status Compellers: Updating the Status once a day isn’t sufficient for some guys. They are used to post their in-about of their life quite frequently which means nothing to anybody, however these people possess tremendous amount of defensive and wary skills and as they’ve to stand against the outrage of their friends…


Photo Maniacs: Even an owner of a smartphone, now-a-days can click thousands of pictures. This has become a pain in the neck of many users. There are some self-supposed photo-freak celebrities who upload as many photos as they can. They presume that their photos are being liked for their popularity without even knowing the fact that their friends are showing a gesture of sympathy.


Drag Taggers : Meagre uploading isn’t just sufficient for some people,they push others to increase L&C (likes and comments) by tagging them. This may be counted as the rust over the corroded coin


Hot Friend Burglar: This is something that most of us had been acquainted with. Just opening a friend’s list and adding someone(of opposite sex) and later on pretending that we aren’t the one who has been sending those bulk friend request.


Shitt-ville : These kind of guys(or even girls) surely can’t accomplish a single job what they do in their virtual world. From watering a plant till collecting a monthly rent ,they won’t miss a single thing and this becomes a real thing for them. Being a friend one is likely to see spammy notifications from them.


Theory of “Relatives” : There are some people who always pinch you and the irony is that you can’t avoid them. “Relatives often become intolerable when they start commenting on status as well as on photos. This leads to degradation of one’s privacy rights.


“U” Or You : This one might annoy as well , you hate all above people on FB but still you can’t resist yourself from logging in. The point is that we’re hooked to FB so much that we just can’t avoid it

Either you’re 1 of d above FB users or else my frnd, U don’t exist…..

Hmmmmmmmm…………………… to be discontinued