College life is the golden period of one’s life. In this phase of life we find many acquaintances which stay for life, be it friends or the love of our life.

After leaving school and taking admission in college, students come to reside in hostels leaving behind the luxuries they had been enjoying in their homes under the guardianship of their parents. This is the first time they are on their own. To leave behind homesickness, one has to make friends, form groups and indulge into activities which keep them involved.

In college, it does not take about more than two months to form a so called ‘gang of mischief’ of about 5-6 members. They gradually become your family.

Now, I begin the countdown of the activities which every first year has done and would surely agree to them. Yes, this countdown is definitely influenced by my personal experience. Do wait for the number one spot, I bet you would totally agree to it.


I begin with one of the most important job and purpose of my life, ‘Sleeping’. Yes, you heard it right, in college life a student’s most difficult problem is to balance both sleep and attendance; but ultimately you realize that these two quantities are not meant to exist together. Ultimately it is sleep that wins.


Now, to achieve the previous entity, proxy comes in very handy. Within a few months of entering into college, you make ‘proxy friends’ who sense your absence in the class but establish the opposite in the attendance sheets. Yes guys, these are your true friends! Never ever even think of leaving them.


Most of the first years plan a trip with their friends in the weekends. Being at Dhanbad we do not have the luxury of having a lot of choices. We are totally limited to Parasnath, or Maithon Dam (which is banned for the first years, so definitely not a good option). But yes these plans unlike a Goa plan are successful for at least once. This is the ultimate dream of every first year.


Counter Strike has turned rooms into war zones of two war waging countries that are hungry for each other’s blood. I have known quite a few friends who have spent the whole night playing CS and missed their morning practicals. Yes, IITians are crazy for two kinds of CS, Computer Science and Counter Strike). Mini Militia has provided the much needed recreation in a student’s life. It also provides a pseudo feeling of being a gamer. The best part of these games is that now gamers are not called by their real names but always by their game avatars.

4. GPL

This is really one of the strangest activities I have witnessed in colleges. You always have a whole mob ready to beat you with chappals, bottles, belts, chains and any other objects in their hands in the heat of the moment; for every minute, absurd and strange reason; be it your birthday or your result or your placement. Your friends pounce on you as hungry predators and tear you into pieces on your supposed to be ‘happy day’.


After GPL, it is time to give treat to the same predators as a compensation for having ‘mercy’ on you. The answer to giving a treat is as obvious as the answer to “Bhai tu kaisa hai?” Even though you are in the seventh hell you reply “Bas bhai sab badhiyan”. Likewise you can never say no to a treat or you will be termed as “Kanjus Makhichus”.


“To be a good professional engineer, always start late to study for exams because it teaches you how to manage time and tackle emergencies.”  – BILL GATES

This is the motto of every engineer. This quote is what always motivates me to procrastinate the whole time and keep all work for the last day! In 10th and 12th, even my parents had given up on me; they knew I would all my homework, assignments, or exam study on the LAST day or better call it night. Now, in college I have found almost every one possesses this habit and this evolves to a whole new level when students start working on the project after the submission deadline has crossed. At the time of exams, you would find the toppers studying while the others just roaming from room to room in search of notes.


This word has been the golden word of IIT(ISM) Dhanbad from ages. According to the dictionary of this college, this word describes the process of procrastination along with a pinch of ‘bhaukal’ in it; this includes sleeping or staying back in your hostel room and making excuses to avoid any work. Yes, be it a meeting called by seniors or seniors visiting the hostel, all first years have only one answer, ‘MATIYAO’. This word is so common now that it appears in every single conversation; “Bhai aaj college mein fest hai, participate karen?”; ”Nahi yaar, Matiyao”. We know that Mr Narendra Modi will be arriving soon for the inauguration of The Central Library. I asked my friend “Bhai PM Modi aa rahe hain but agle din end sem hai kya karoge, inauguration mein jaoge ya nahi”…. His reply left me spellbound… was “PM Modi ke aane se hum Matiyana thode hi chor denge, ye bhi matiya denge”. This totally describes this word’s worth in my college. More than 75% of the first year population can be termed as ‘matiyau’ which definitely includes me! This has now become a holy ritual; you cannot say no to it and the joy of ‘matiyana’ is unparalleled.


I sincerely hope you liked this countdown and you totally agree with me. Thank you all for sparing your valuable time reading my blog.

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