The Mess system of ISM has undergone a transition and will take time to adjust. But the attitude of few of my fellow batch mates is sure not going to help in smooth functioning of it. I am writing this article not to criticise anyone but just expressing my views to facilitate proper functioning of our mess.

One of the important things we all have to keep in mind is that a buffet system will have a queue. Jumping the queue and feeling smart about it is not cool at all. Everybody else’s time is just as important as yours. It would be smoother if everyone moves in a line.

Secondly, I know it may feel tiresome to again and again get up to refill food. Bit friends stacking of food and wasting it is not an option. We live in a country where thousands die due to starvation so its almost a crime to waste food.

Last but not the least what really pisses me off is mistreating mess workers. It may feel macho to you shouting on them but there is no heroic in shouting at a helpless worker who is sure not going to return it in kind. If there is a genuine problem do then have the guts to approach the warden.

I hope u will all heed the advice and believe me when I say that I wrote it in good faith.


Preyas Srivastava

I am a guy who likes reading and hanging out with friends. I have keen interest in politics and like to discuss it whenever and wherever possible. I am also a guy with hope and conviction. Hope that India can become better and Conviction that we will together make it better

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