ISM Dhanbad. The name is synonymous to belongingness and pride for every ISMite in every nook and cranny of this whole wide world. Our college has been serving our country faithfully and impeccably since the year 1926. In this long journey, it has seen many changes. It grew from a mining institute to a full-fledged engineering college, embarking on yet another journey that would take it to entirely different echelons. While the growth of ISM is fairly phenomenal, certain aspects still pose a hindrance to it, preventing it from achieving its true potential.

Heritage BuildingISM Dhanbad is one of the most highly funded educational institutions in India. A few years ago, that was not the case, ISM suffered from infrastructural issues and lack of funds. There were streams but improper and insufficient facilities stunted the institute’s hopes of growth. Finally, with the change of fate, ISM started receiving enough funds. The funds grew and today, it receives more grant than any IIT in the country. Industry sponsored projects add another twenty to thirty crores to the institute’s coffers.

This availability of money has sparked a new era of infrastructural growth at ISM. Several world class facilities like the NLHC, the Library, and the Centre of Excellence have been built. Two Mega Hostels for boys and girls are currently in the making. We have a three star accommodation facility for corporates right here in the campus which is called the EDC and top class laboratories guarantee perfect hands on knowledge.

ISM is crawling up the college rankings and is changing the way people think about it. Optimism prevails in campus and yet one aspect still haunts students and professors alike: PLACEMENT.

Even after being a college of national repute which admits quality students through the JEE (A), ISM fails to score high in the placement parameter. Let us delve into the problems that lead to this scenario:

  • ISM’s main problem is its remoteness to any Metropolis or a Tier 1 City. Kolkata and Ranchi are both over two hundred kilometres away. No airport at Dhanbad means corporates are forced to avail cars or trains to reach Dhanbad. Trust me, corporates hate having to do that! It takes up too much of their time. To put into perspective, Jadavpur University, a state level University of national repute, in the city of Kolkata, has stellar placements even though it lacks in funds. Over 60 companies visited their campus for just Mechanical Engineering students. In contrast about 4 companies visited our campus for students of Mechanical Engineering. And this phenomenon isn’t just restricted to JU, every college in the Metros have several companies visiting just because it’s easy to reach them. No one wants to travel to Dhanbad! The sooner placements start from our placement centre at Kolkata, the better it is for us.
  • The second most important point is stigma. Stigma highly affects core branches. In Western India, people either do not know about ISM or think it’s only a college dealing in Earth Science branches. The key to removing this age old stigma is publicity. Fests and Technical Expos need to be scaled up, we must let the world know that we can excel in every field not just Earth Science. We have to gain exposure, it’s quintessential to our college’s success.
  • We must try to be more proactive. We must work on ours skills where we lack. Several students here at Dhanbad are weak in English and it’s no fault of theirs. Their fault is in the fact that they do nothing about it. They don’t even try to correct it. Societies here are uploading interviews onto their Facebook pages for the world to see, wherein the interviewers speak pathetically wrong English. These things really matter a lot. Corporates check out the college first on the internet. Societies and clubs represent the students, we must not let ourselves look like fools. We must work on our talent set to make ourselves marketable.
  • All round development is very important. We must engage in as many extra-curricular activities in college as we can without affecting our studies. Let me tell you good extra curriculars with good GPA is an irresistible combination for employers. Let us vouch to give us that.
  • Let’s work towards forming a good opinion about our college. People still seem to think ISM Dhanbad is dangerous because of ragging. We know that isn’t the case anymore. Let us take up online questions and debates about our college in Quora and other such sites and answer them truthfully and correctly. After all people first refer to websites for opinion. Even I did. Let us paint a good picture of our college to the outside world. Let us work to let them know that we are no more ‘that mining college’ where students are too afraid to go because of ragging. Let us tell them of our achievements, our facilities and let us work towards building a great and friendly senior junior relationship. We reflect ourselves by our activities. If the college cannot promote itself to its best, let us do our bit for it. Let us flood the net with our opinions and views, let us leave no place for misconceptions about ISM.

I’m very sure that if we are able to take the stigma of a mining only college out of the minds of people and present ourselves as an excellent academic institution, it will farther ISM’s goals. We students are the heartbeat of this prestigious college. It is upon us to take this college to great heights. The professors can only do so much. The real work is for the students to do. Let us make sure, we take something fruitful from the four years that we spend here so that in future we can proudly say that we are ISMites. Let us live up to the motto of our great institution ‘उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत’ which means ‘Arise, awake, strive for the highest and be in the light’, and not disappoint the people of India and our parents who pay for our stay here so that we can learn and give back to society. Lastly let us strive to be ‘numero uno’, after all we are twenty five years ahead of the first IIT!



Souradeep Bhattacharja

I am pursuing my Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering at the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. I passed my ICSE Examination in 2012 from Calcutta Boys' School with 96% and I passed my AISSCE in 2014 with 96% from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

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