“India will face severe power crunch if ever our (ISM) alumni goes on a strike”

This tweet from yesterday by an ISMite explains the gravity of ISM in the energy map of India. The alacrity of our wannabe IITians nearly crashed the twitter- More than 33k tweets in 12 hours and still counting. The day does not seem far away when our much cherished Modi Sarkar will recognize our appeal for converting ISM into an IIT in order to appease the students with their brazen demand.

A flashback for those who missed the big Protest last year: ISM junta were demanding for the conversion amiably but the demand was derided by the then UPA regime. Thus negligence broke all the shackles of our patience. The ISMtoIIT movement changed its style of functioning: from negotiations to peaceful demonstrations. It started with the rallies of ISMites within Jharkhand and then thousands of students gathered at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi with their incisive demand. At the same time twitter was also flooded with tweets demanding the conversion. ‪#‎iitismdhanbadwas one of the top 10 trending topics on twitter. Around 70k tweets came within a day. These steps proved to be a milestone for the movement as it was covered by national media and hence came into the precious attention of those crafting the policies for India. The government woke up, considered the demand and then several developments took place including the visit of IIT council to ISM and also the ISM director was called to give a presentation about the college. But at the end all the developments came to a standstill due to upcoming elections and political callousness.

After that in a major political change, BJP came to power. During their several visits topmost BJP leaders considered the demand and also scolded UPA government for not fulfilling it. Also right through the beginning it was in political agenda of BJP to establish IITs and IIMs in every state. So the students were extremely elated with this political development and believed that their dreams of being called an IITian is going to be fulfilled. But it was quite embarrassing to see the proposal to open 5 new IITs and no mention to conversion of ISM to IIT in union budget 2K14.

But now we are no more novice! We know what we deserve and how to take it! So it’s time to use our Right to Protest…. AGAIN!

“5700 students, 300 faculty, 20000 alumni, the only institute to have participated in World War II: ISM Dhanbad. #abkibaarIITDhanbad

The above strength of highest degree minds on earth, if they are demanding for something then it’s worth giving and the government can’t repudiate it this time!

So, including the use of “Twitter Power”, our dedicated seniors and core members of ISM to IIT have again stirred up the issue. Will our voice be heard? Will Smriti Irani take the precious decision? Will Modi fulfill the promise which he made during a rally in Jharkhand before the elections? Will ISM become IIT? A lot remains to be answered. The least we can do is to actively support the volunteers who have accepted insomnia to give shape to our dream of being called an IITian.