Said in bliss by members and workers of the Samajwadi Party who were youth . Rather than pursuing for their dreams the were following the trail of our leaders. “we were given a good meal to full appetite with khamba” urged in hostile manner when one asked for their source of enthusiasm. They are the youth on which the future of U.P. is assured or better say the FUTURE OF MAHARASTRA is assured. Riding the bikes during the elections for so called “Good Meal” and spending rest of the time in adventure and thrill of lewd fun from the “fauna” called Women or Girls .

But still don’t say a thing about S.P. government because they have done a ton of things which entrusted the development of UP and its people. Lets elaborate some ……………

  • The strict conduction of board exams in UP.The fear of strictness is in such a extent that student migrates to other state for getting pass.
  • The policies of S.P. government allured so many companies that every youth is employed and there is no need for further migration to cities like Mumbai and Delhi.
  • Even the ministers are afraid from U.P. police. Examples are “KUNDA KAND” , “BANDANU KAND”
  • Distribution of laptops so that every 12th passed student has access to DIGITAL PORNODUCATION.

Some might say that one should try to see other face of coin . we should also count the “false decision” taken by this government. For those statement , S.P. is an exception.

This may hurt some of the S.P. supporters but its time to face it. Mulayam and his son is building  only highways and Expressway to run their  “CYCLE”. They don’t let our youth study,don’t provide job opportunity, don’t let us leave in peace and harmony. Rather making us wait for their “Good Meal”.

Allahabad University , the one which stood historical significance from the time of Nehruji  , till now and now see what they did.

  • Teasing and molesting of girls student.
  • Even students can make Desi Bombs and Guns(katta) and organizes INTER HOSTEL competitions with these bombs without prior notice.

Once the Allahabad was known as the hub and “factory “ for civil services examination and now known for Allahabad Highcourt as it is quite in news from last several years.


Please don’t call me BSP or BJP spokesperson . lets speak about some of the achievements of BSP as well.

  • Converting “wasteland” of Lucknow to sangam of statue of their party symbol elephant, their party leader – elephant and Kansi Ram.
  • For justifying the Fundamental Rights of equalty as one is not even dare to speak up against SC/ST even we are right. We are really thankful to you for this act which you passed by collaborating with party near to extinction . Yes its one and only INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS.

Speaking of INC in U.P. , oops no file found during my birth till now.

Every political Party see us as “403 seat in legislative election and 80 seat in Lok Sabha election”. Believe me its not their fault , it’s our foolishness. We let them to divide us on the basis of caste , Religion,Gender . We never asked them  to provide new casting for development in the field of study, employment, social equality . It’s because of our ignorant and socially ill mentality which led Bhanji to formulate a separate Act for SC/ST. It’s because of our lust for degree rather than education which promoted misconduct ion  and fraud in exams. It’s because of us that 8 out of 10 women think that their life would have been easier if they were born male.

Mulayam yadav said in a speech that it’s not the fault of boys who rapes and molest , it’s the fault of the tempting clothes worn by girls.

In recent 2017 U.P. election , Mayawati said “ E.V.M. is adulterated by BJP supporters as they would never have won from the Muslim region with such a majority”.

Now the most shocking and unexpected – Yogi Aditiyanath , the new C.M, of U.P..It is however not the time to judge but the guess can be made from its past records. He really behave as typical BJP member as he is die hard “HINDUTVA” supporter.

It’s time to end this maniac . It’s to be united and stopping them from exploiting us.The article may seem to contradict with the title but believe me ,  In U.P. now only political parties are left. Even the beauty of TAJ MAHAL began to tarnish .

Yes , I am the spokesperson. But, the spokesperson of U.P.

-Rajat Kumar singh

IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

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