“Is it possible for a person to revert to life?” This came as a response to “I love you”. Taken aback, the hearer begged her pardon. “No like seriously, I want to know is this practically possible?” He hadn’t heard or read of any such thing before. Puzzled he said, “No”. “But this has happened and I am the evidence.” A gust swiped by their faces. ‘Blank’, was his expression and she was incessantly babbling indifferent of the ambience. She wasn’t looking at him. Although her eyes appeared tied to something. “Back then, when I was numb, when I had lost the zest that makes me alive. My senses were jammed. A cheerful day was beyond my scope. I would smile a lot but I didn’t mean any. Those were the times I smiled the broadest to hush the hoary. You know I had a kind of ‘wrap’ that outlined the forbidden zone. I wore it all the time, to prevent folks sneaking in.

People fear pain; I feared the stage where I could no longer sense it.” He could not find any space to fill his words in. “One fine day when somebody tricked me into a fabricated world that I had never been a visitor to, I realized what I had been averting. He told me that I was misplaced and he was sent to reciprocate me to my whereabouts. It came to me as a dream and gradually imbibed in me as it happened. Lured into the world of splendor, I was startled at no matter what I gazed. It was not something very different from the daily but was a little more ascertaining today. As if, accurate! Some parched leaves followed, where ever eyes rested. Curious as I was, I inquired. ‘These persist’, said he. Leaves that dry do not die. They are crammed of the experiences they go through. On my way back, none of me wanted to retrace the steps. Those moments were exquisite.” The other stood tongue tied. “In an effortless manner he alleviated the ‘hollow shell’ of despair over me.

The weight of dejection lifted. Respite from the yoke of misery. Is it okay for somebody to deliberately immerse from tip to toe into in a swamp that wasn’t dug for him. Selfless! People would say but I lack words. Is this love?” The figure nodded in amazement. “Then it is him. Yes! It is him who has chanted ‘abkra-ka-dabra’ on me.” The listener smiled and left with a note of all the best. While, the ‘him’ and ‘he’ of her verses appeared from behind the woods. A pair of ears had fathomed the peculiar note of the current speech. ‘He’ was in sniffles.The school trip that day was an excuse for the woods to witness two idiots. That day saw two souls that had dammed the immense power of love between the gulfs of their fear

– Soumya Pathak

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