Dear friends,

Ever since we have joined ISM we have been  complaining of not getting into IIT’S (most of us) ;it’s lacklustre fest as compared to IITs and many more ;I would not go in detail .Not a single day has passed when we haven’t criticised it.But again we all have cracked JEE so how can’t we  find a solution to such a simple problem when we were able to tackle fearsome mechanics problems at the time of Jee preparation .We surely did find a solution.And what was that? We got inside our room (it doesn’t look like rather than a small cubicle) and swore never to come out. Even the fear of seniors can’t drive us out  from our rooms.In this process we all became  active members of most famous society of ISM,”MATIAU JANTA OF ISM(M.J.I.).”

Before we proceed ,let us have a glance on this society’s culture.This is the most active society of ISM( even leaving behind “Abhay  Dramatics Club and ISM DIARIES”)  having largest number of active members and every day its members are increasing at very steep rate. The main aim of this society is how much we can keep ourselves away from things that are going around ISM, be it any fest or any other issues.This society does have some some advantages.we get ample time for our important works like playing counter strike,surfing facebook and most important of all, doing bakar.In midst of bakar we didn’t miss to criticise  high  level of partiality in judgement  in events due to the prevalent poly in our college. Here’s one more advantage of this society ;we got one more thing to complain about.

Hey guys think again ! Don’t you think you are also a significant reason of this problem?  So my dear friends, we are responsible for this ;no one else.This fast budding attitude is destroying our zeal to learn new things .This is rather causing harm than some good to our personality. This  is the hard hitting truth, my friends. You must have heard our respected seniors didn’t get  placed even in Flipkart which freely gives non core job to IIT Delhi Biotech students. Why so?Just because they weren’t able to meet the requirements. This is matter of shame for college of such high stature . So guys step out of your Jasper rooms  and  show some enthusiasm  to learn ,prosper and finally excel  to  a great height..These four years breathe in the air of ISM and feel it’s ambience so that finally when you pass from it you have something worth to remember. Don’t forget, ISMites are Dyanamites!!!!!