SUBJECT: A letter expressing gratitude to the ‘LEFTIST’ revolutionaries who are saving this democracy from doom

Respected torchbearers of DISSENT

First of all, let me thank you for clearing a major misconception that I had about LEFT wing politics that I thought was based on communism and stressed on social equality. What a fool I was to believe in such things!! But trust me, it’s not my fault. These things have been taught not just to me but to thousands of students like me in public and private schools throughout the nation.

Aha! This too must be a move to ‘brainwash’ the youth as the real meaning of ‘LEFT-ISM’ as enshrined by you is DISSENT event to the extent of wishing the annihilation of your nation. But I wonder then why, countries like China and Russia who pompously claim to be the champions of the communist ideology act so strongly against so-called anti-national activities. Indeed, they should take a cue from your book and promote not just tolerate DISSENT.

I strongly back your demand of granting justice to our national heroes like Maqbool Bhatt and Afzal Guru. So what, if that person attacked the symbol of the institution you claim to protect. It was a voice of DISSENT and as we know DISSENT is an integral part of any democracy. Agreed that any such attacker on American soil would not have had the opportunity to breathe for another 12 years, but this is India, the world’s largest democracy and we must respect whatever DISSENT arises. And anyway, what were the repercussions of that act. Yes, a few cops died and India’s international reputation was in shambles but that does not mean that we curb the ‘right to freedom’ of any person.

Your argument that Kashmir is an illegally occupied land of the Indian state also makes perfect sense. Apart from granting it special status, barring ‘OUTSIDERS’ from owning land there and providing aid in the event of any calamity, what has India done for Kashmir? People living in Baluchistan and other parts of P.O.K are so happy today. I guess they are very well fed and must be thanking almighty on being a part of such a great nation. And what was the need to send the Army to Kashmir? So what a few Pandits were butchered and ‘Pakistan Zindabads’ were called? There are plenty of these Pandits in other parts of the country, a few less wouldn’t matter that much.

But yes, there is nothing wrong with the Chinese occupation of Tibet or Pakistan’s occupation of Baluchistan (that we’ve already established to be a triumph of mankind) or ISIS’s occupation of Iraq. Oh! Pardon me please!!! How stupid of me to call those occupations. These are legally occupied territories through efficient exercise of military might. The Chinese have created colonies for Muslims who are not allowed outside those areas so that they remain united and strong. And long live the ISIS! They’re trying to establish a caliphate and spread piousness and religion in the world. A few men were butchered and a few women raped but that too falls under ‘Right to Freedom’ I guess. Hell Yeah!!! Even Darwin proclaimed, ‘Survival of the fittest!’

I would also use this letter to sing praises of leaders like Mr. Arvind Kejariwal, Mr. Rahul Gandhi and the modern ‘Mother India’ Ms. Sagarika Ghose. Sirs and ma’am you’re doing a great job by encouraging and motivating these protectors of DISSENT. It is because of people like you that ‘different opinions’ and ‘different ideologies’ exist even at the cost of undermining the existence of India.

‘Hindustan Ki Barbaadi Tak, Jung Rahegi, Jung Rahegi!!!’ – Thought provoking indeed.

Yours sincerely

An aspiring ‘DISSENTOR’

Rahul Mazumdar

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