“Art freaks!” That doesn’t sounds like an art club to me!

Merriam Webster defines freak as one that is markedly unusual or abnormal while the great Cesar Cruz says “Art Should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfort”! I guess that requires and unusual vision, vision of a freak!


“Freak” sounds intriguing now, huh?
The club may be a novice but it with the coveted FotoFreaks founding members associated and backing the club with their experience the club is sure shot to do wonders.
Okay! That’s why the name “ART FREAKS”, I see what you did there!
Everybody needs a break from their monotonous lifestyle. Some caters this through music, Some through sports while those with a zeal to provide an outlet to their thoughts, use Art. With the view to trend and inculcate enthusiasm for art and creativity, ISM proudly Presents to you Art freaks, Art club of ISM for those insanely passionate about art and craft. If you are creative and obsessed with art, believe me you, Art attacks is the remedy. For others, It is a conduit to bring life to your thoughts on to a paper. There are people who are inclined towards music, acting, dance, well there is a society to accomplish your passion. But hey, you are a budding artist. Is there somebody there to recongnise your potential, motivate it (other than your friends ofcourse) ! No, Art freaks is here for you, not only does it intrigues you more into your passion for art but also provides a platform to showcase your art skills. How art freaks will help you!

1. Socialising– Get out of your lonely room, socialise with the members of the club and just get out there.

2. Learning– See what other people are doing and get a chance to learn from them. The variety of artists and experience can provide an excellent place to learn.

3. Networking– Interact with people who share the same passion for art as you do. Share your knowledge, help each other get better and take the club to heights.

4. Art freaks will provide you with opportunities such as participation in art shows, exhibitions, competitions.
If you want to be a part of this exciting journey and witness the art extravaganza be a part of the ride. First station being the “ART FREAKS INDUCTION PROGRAMME” on Friday. Hope to see you there!

To sum up I’d say, you’ve got to expose yourself. There is no better way to sell your art than to be known, you’ve got to start from somewhere. The gates of ART FREAKS have opened! May the ART be with you!

Post Credits – Kulpreet Singh

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