Beautiful People are not always good but good People are always Beautiful

“So , you think you are beautiful and all the people out there give compliment about it , and now you
have ego for that but tell me what will you do when your beauty will fade away with time will any one
will care about you or give attention? Well , i guess no they won’t because people will remember you for
what you have done to them not for you pretty face .

So now tell me what is the use of your pretty face
and that heart which is so cruel After all “affection is greater than perfection” . So try to be beautiful
from inside not outside yes people may get attracted to your beauty but it won’t last forever it will turn
wrinkled and dull someday but the beauty inside your heart will remain gold and true forever. People
may treat you well because of your pretty face but later in time people will judge you for your nature
not for your beauty so be good from inside because “Beautiful People are not always good but good
People are always Beautiful”..!?”


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