Are you single and ready to mingle?

The local survey has found that it is the most frequently asked question to girls in ISM. But you need a hawk’s eyes to really find one in this category. Generally, most of them prefer to wander around the Ring Road or sit at the Triangle Tree, accompanied with their male counterparts. But don’t make the blunder of thinking that all the ISM boys are equally blessed with the cupid shower. No, they are not! There are many who are eagerly waiting for the love to knock their door. This is the only time when they are gravely worried for the issue of gender ratio. It appears that India is in much better position than ISM for gender ratio, since India has 850 females per 1000 males while ISM has hardly 50-70 females per 1000 males. Moreover, if there had been a women reservation bill, here, it would have been passed with clear majority. According to me there are two types of singles (you can make more) – first are by will and the second by fortune (or should I say misfortune in their words) to be able to change their status. Generally, males dominate the second category. But chemistry has taught us that exceptions do exist and so we can find some females in the second category, too.

For the first category, they are the one who cannot compromise with their freedom. It is said that human is born free but is bound everywhere in chains. So, they don’t want an extra emotional chain to bind them and even when they know that this chain is capable enough to tie the neck and has that much access too. Now, human can be described in another way also, i.e., as an animal, I mean yes, a social animal. But this becomes the identity of only singles, those committed in relationships tend to resist being social. They prefer to be with their partner rather than be in the social communities. And the important point is that the singles give more preference to dj nights when compared to couple nights.

The second category people (referring to the two classifications and not anything else) are always in the chance of removing their tag of singles. According to them, the single status causes more dark circles rather than the girlfriend (let them first have one). The only thing they want is a partner. Love is not their cup of tea. In today’s world, love is like an endangered species and people in the relationship even lack it (may be now some will search for the dagger to stab me). Love is like a flower which when blossoms can fill the air with its sweet fragrance. But, flower requires time to grow, similarly love takes its time to come in the life. So it is not to be searched for, it can search you itself to make your life complete and fill with its fragrance.

Most of the relationships are not build on the foundation of true love. But at least it is a relationship, which is sufficient enough to make singles envious in the month of February, and on the 14th you can see and feel them almost everywhere. The couples can be seen at every possible places and if two persons with same gender are seen together, they are generally seen with suspect.

So, in a nutshell, being single or in a relationship is a state of mind (sounding like that of Rahul Gandhi). Everyone has their own perspectives, but of them committed ones can only show themselves in the bright light, where as singles enjoy the liberty to openly criticize or appreciate about their status.