article-1332647-0BCA5FBB000005DC-516_306x435The day of the jackal- Frederick Forsythe

One of the best thrillers ever written by the master of thrillers- Frederick Forsythe. It was his first full length novel. It is inspired by the real life assassination attempt on the president of France. It follows the story of an assassin codenamed “the jackal” hired by the head of the OAS – an organization that hires him to kill the French president. The book is divided into three parts. The first part, the anatomy of a murder, deals with the hiring and the preparations of the jackal. The second part, the anatomy of a manhunt, shows the different ways in which France’s best detective- Claude Lebel tries to uncover the identity of the jackal.

It is one of the most exciting suspense novels I have ever read. Forsythe has done a lot of research and the premise he has thus created is truly extraordinary. The characters and the situations seem lifelike. What make this book even more fascinating is the extensive preparations the jackal takes for the assassination and the efforts of the French police to find him. All along the real name of the jackal is unknown to us as we go along with him. I was rooting for him as well as Lebel, the policeman, who was closing in on him. The climax is amazing and the ending takes the breath away. I highly recommend this book to all who enjoy thrillers and even those who don’t, this is a book you just can’t put down.