Brain-O-Mania 2015; the grandest and an unique event organised every year by the Freshers!

“Believe in yourself, you can start a trend…”
This just summarizes the term ‘Brain-O=Mania’. When our visionary founding members laid the foundation of this trend, their mission was-‘To foster and to disseminate the academic and competitive exposure among the students of Jharkhand.’ They conducted an Inter-School, State level IQ Quiz ;Grand and unique in its creed, and solely organized by a group of eleven first year students of Indian School of Mines under the team name- Team Pulse.

When a new born Team Pulse starts taking its first baby-steps, there is neither an articulate image of the goal nor a sincere passion to achieve it. The theoretical goal told first-hand is, a participation of 60,000 students from 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th standard, from schools of 8 districts in Jharkhand, a grand finale which earns each member abounding fame and skills that attract offers from all future college events. Starting from scratch and building up a brand new chapter of a substantial legacy is what Team Pulse does each year through sheer hard work in six phases- Event Planning, Mentor Approval, Sponsorship, 1st Round – visiting schools and school level exam, 2nd Round – District level exam and the Grand Finale.

THE GRAND FINALE, where the magic happens and rugged spirits come alive together for one last time to give a formidable definition to their hard work.

On 6th of September, 2015, Sunday, procrastination was reborn as enthusiasm; sleepy eyes started sparkling and the largest hall of ISM Dhanbad shook up with thunder when a crowd of over 300 shouted “Brainomania!” in unison. A whole new level of energy was witnessed but its uniqueness lay in the fact that it was only partially-induced. The Brain-O=Mania magic that was being built up by its volunteers since past four months had accumulated in the 300 souls who had gathered to be a part of something extraordinary. Being the fourth season of the series, it attracted numerous loyal followers in addition to the new ones.

The charm of the event increased many-folds through the magnetic engagement of the parents and teachers present with anchor, Agosh Baranwal. Doubts-session, literary games, etc. were followed by the arrival of our Guest of Honour, Col. (Retd.) Mr. M.K. Singh, Registrar, ISM Dhanbad. Further, a session of career counselling by our guest from Sigma Education, the Education Sponsor was organised. After the prelims, the wait was over, stage was set and the deliriously waiting minds lit up with the magical presence of Kumar Abhishek, final year. He was the host for the evening and successfully led the way to a successful grand finale. The stage also saw a presentation by AIESEC volunteers on the Global Citizen Project under which a pioneer participant of Brain-O=Mania was sponsored a 43 days’ foreign internship to Malaysia.

Few hours and the hall blew up with loud applauds as our Mentor, Mr. Amar Kumar Bauri arrived and to be specific, his designation itself is a mouthful of boasting- Youth Affairs, Land Reforms, Art and Culture Minister of Jharkhand. The winners finally came out to be a diverse lot from various districts and finally with a group photo and thank you note the event ended. Did I just say ended!? Well, four months of rigorous hard work deserve much better…GPL, party and congratulations followed. As in the case of first three editions, we again made news!  Above all what we attained was an experience of a lifetime, a satisfaction of being a part of something young students admire and look up to, a pride of making such a huge event successful and self-admiration of affecting so many lives in a positive sense.

So are we a club? No; neither event organizers nor volunteers,…each member of Team Pulse is an integral part of a large family who know how to survive the harshest conditions, handle situations never handled before, volunteer for work when there is no spare time in the schedule and work as a team with people never known before. Each year this family adds up with a fresh batch which learns through time the difference between procrastination and time-management, confusion and professionalism and surely, politics and hard work.

When one looks closely, each member of the Brainomania legacy has been a known face in the college:

Our reputed founding members

Team Pulse 0.1

Akash Anand, Ankit Kumar, Sunny Sourav, Gopal Krishna, Prakhar Rastogi, Mayank Yadav, Deepak Khatri, Udit Gupta, Balendra Singh Aman, Ashutosh Kumar, and Shubham Mishra.

Team Pulse 0.2

Kumar Abhishek, Apoorv Dixit, Prateek Kumar, Aditya Shreshtkar, Ishan Srivastava, Shashank Mishra, Ishan Anjikar, Rushikesh Battulwar, Sanket Bacchuwar, Ravi Ranjan, Prayank Jain, Gajesh Gaurav, Deepak Kumar, Vinay Khatri, Arpit Katare.

Team Pulse 0.3

Abhinav Dhania, Rajeev Ranjan Gupta, Saurabh Kabra, Chintan Mishra, Ravish Kumar, Ratnesh Singh, Divyansh Khare, Saurabh Tripathi, Gagan Bhattacharya, Parijat Bhatt, Vivek Raj, Shreyansh Parakh, and Nishant Singh.

Team Pulse 0.4

Agosh Baranwal, Rishabh Gurjar, Avinash Kumar Chaudhary, Murlidhar Mahato, Saurav Singh, Uday Shankar Dorai, Amaresh Kumar, Pratyush Kishan, Raja Kedia, Rohit Agarwal, Shouvik Roop Das, Abhishek Kumar, and Gaurav Kumar.
Proud Brain-O=Maniacs!!!
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