Campus life: It depends upon the person you’re really. I remember the time when I was surfing Quora and Facebook pages for these kind of answers and when I got to college, I was amazed to see the things in person.

I’ll tell you 10 things from my perspective and you will find 8 of them false when/if you step in. But 2 things you would find to be so true that it is worth writing this for you.

A crimson gate with silver scribbling would be ready to welcome you. Your family members who would be accompanying would love the grandeur of our heritage building. It would be probably raining on the day of admissions, so be prepared. Don’t forget to acknowledge our massive SAC. But sigh, the Madhulika Cafeteria was something you won’t see.

The first two or three months in Jasper would be like a jail term, you would be escorted to class by security guards and escorted back, the Ramdhani Tea Shop and Main Canteen would be off limits for you.

After the teething period, you can possibly think of campus life. Several societies and clubs on campus, including ISMDiaries would send delegations of seniors to your hostel and they would host a ‘get to know us’ session which ‘technically’ you are not obliged to attend but practicalities are a different thing.

Ramdhani Tea Shop is just in front of Jasper, you’d come to appreciate it’s value with time and the worsening breakfast at the mess.

At the Main Canteen Arena you’ll never go hungry, even with an empty pocket. A Nescafe parlour, Subway, a Chinese corner, a Momo, etcetera are available here apart from the actual Canteen which serves complete meals and an assortment of snacks. Useful Advice: Make sure Raju Bhaiya knows you by face.

Just adjacent to it is our old and actually still functional Central library. It looks like a white mansion without the much needed greenery. However having Opal (a girls’ hostel) around compensates for it, if you know what I mean.

Then there’s Dhaiya Gate, Main Gate and Halder. They will comprise your best part of the day or night or whatever time you can possibly imagine. Yes, I am single. We all are.

There is one upper ground and one lower ground. But with dust in the air, 5 years down the lane you can possibly see an upper-lower ground and lower-upper ground.

The departments are fine and boring and most of them are new but there are places around for each one of us. Dhanbad isn’t too bad. If weekends with movies and pizza are too mainstream for you then write to me, maybe I could tell you about places around to see or possibly would accompany but would not even mention senior-junior relationship because it took 2 years, this thing pierced through like the shards of glass and it will always remain inside.

Guest Author: Himanshu D. Pankaj

Edited by Souradeep Bhattacharja

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