By |January 26th, 2016|

I adore my country
not only because here I was born,
but for all the benignancies
that it has shown.
It arrests the assorted assets
from aesthetic nature to aplomb dusk and dawn.
It’s geniality can be experienced
even in the wheat’s awn.
It has cultivated the patriots
which are loyal and brawn
and have worked ceaselessly
to adorn Mother India with a crown.
The roots of […]

Journey of My Thoughts

By |January 24th, 2016|

Near the horizon,
In the fields so calm,under the morning sky,
I sat there all so lonely ,to contemplate,perplexed;
Wind,so proudly,turned the pages of my past,
Bringing to light,feelings that from years were suppressed.

Sun was so solemn,so warm,
And memories of my golden spent days made me feel blessed.

I was busy going through the corridors of my […]

चलते – चलते…

By |December 6th, 2015|

यूँ  ही  चलते  चलते  मै  भूल  जाता हूँ
कहाँ  जाना, किसे  पाना  बस  यादें  तेरी  बटोर  मै  लाता  हूँ
तुम्हें  चाहता  कि  चारों  ओर  तुम्हें  मै  पाता  हूँ
पास  जाकर  न  होने  पे  तेरे,  खुद  को  पागल  बताता  हूँ
मेरी  ये  ख़ामोशी  सबको  सुनाता  हूँ
हर  कोशिश  मे  सुनते  सब  है…फिर  भी  खुद  को  अकेला  मै  पाता  हूँ
तुम  होती  हो […]

गुजरे पल

By |April 6th, 2015|

उन गुजरे पलो मे जीकर,
आज को जीये जा रहा था मैं।
कल के बीते सपनो मे रहकर,
आज को सपना बना रहा था मैं।।
उन निर्मल हस्तो को,
अपने समक्ष पा रहा था मैं।
उनसे बने अमृत को,
फिर से ग्रहण कर रहा था मैं।।
लेकिन आज उस ममता की प्यास को,
नहीं बुझा पा रहा था मैं।
उनके उस आँचल की शीतलता को,
महसूस […]

क्या बात है!

By |February 13th, 2015|

चीखों में बदली हैं बातें संगीत बना है शोर
कुछ शांत अगर मिल जाए तो क्या बात है
जल रही है नदियाँ छूटी आंसुवों की डोर
कोई तालाब भिगा जाए तो क्या बात है
छाँव की रेत बिखरी थी कल तक अब पेड़ों की खबर नहीं
ताज़ी पत्ती कहीं दिख जाए तो क्या बात है
जल […]


By |September 9th, 2014|


I found to get out of my bed on the wrong side
Feels air which seems so soothing then, had now become the devil’s advocate,
I got confused
So, I tried to see the truth, through the shadow of the mirrored glass window, but its blur
I struggled to catch a glimpse of, but goes in vain
Its seems like […]

Away Hence

By |September 8th, 2014|

Away Hence
Little by little I’ll inch farther away
Upon this winding road of destiny.
It is but the first turn and my reasons sway,
Letting the emotions wage mutiny.
The first mile is the hardest they say
For the memories are fresh and the road new.
It is just the morning with its first gentle ray,
Not enough to banish the long […]