By |October 11th, 2013|

Hosh me bhi madhosh bana deti

Teri yeh masoom si nigahen ,,
Halki  si  thirkan  se  apni
Ga  jati hain kitni gathaein..

Sapno me tairti teri een nigahon ko
Pee  jaun  apne  aankhon  se,,
Halki si jhuki teri een palkon ko
Chhu jaun  apne hothon se..

Jab bhi dekhun teri palkon se
Dhire se tapakti ansuon ko,,
Le lun tujhe apne baahon me
Jaise na kal […]

Story behind Communal Riots

By |October 7th, 2013|

A very simple and plain guy belonging to minority community whose family begged
door to door for survival but,
He used to be optimistic and look forward,
But people drag his leg, calling coward.
He was sad, as
People called him mad.
But he keeps his thinking high and pure
And […]


By |September 28th, 2013|

Tension worries, a part of  my life,
that makes me fright,
every morning a freak,
always makes me sneeze,
scolded by parents,
makes me daring ,
fights create hate,
sleepiness is my personality,
going late to college, a reality,
metro keeps me waiting,
ladies compartment full of breathe,
hustle bustle everyday,
metro changing the biggest hurdle,

Poem on Mid Semssss { aai aafatt……..}

By |September 24th, 2013|

Dedicated to ALL Hard Sem Students…………..
Mid Sem ke the ye exams
jisne kia sabko pareshaan
fool gai saansein hamari
jab suna aa gyi midsem ki dates hamari
neend udd gyi raaton ki
kyunki sapne aate the midsem ke baaton ki
date sheet dekh ke kap-kapaane lage the
mechanics ka hai pehla exam, ye hum jaan […]

The F Word – Thy Savior

By |September 13th, 2013|

Beyond small cities away from home
life in ISM passes on google chrome
not much to learn from technical books
read the life sinking in ethanol brooks
without a girl on red campus so far
learn to sing n’ play guitar…
O’ one poor soul so many classes..
exams approach n’ semester passes..
whenever abused […]


By |September 10th, 2013|

Laplace and Fourier, does not make sense,
The wavelets and Spectrum, makes us tense.
 Transistors and MOSFETs are the core,
Short channel and Body effect, we can’t take any more.
Then came the Microwave, whose equations are strange,
Maxwells and Antenna are simply out of the range.
 Concepts of Quantum Dot shakes our brain,
The channels of CDMA, puts us in pain.
I […]


By |September 9th, 2013|


Tonight, I woke up from another dreamless sleep
And strolled upto the open window
Which let the yellow beam of street lamp peep
shining over the cluster of figures
 Faint and bright, shallow and deep.
The calm lights gave out a little warmth
To my shivering figure and reassured my fretting soul.
And so I dared into the eyes of night.
Like […]