JUST RELEASED. A novel that spans from streets of Mumbai to corporate offices in New York……


AUTHOR: Bhaskaryya Deka (2nd Year B.Tech Mechanical Engg. Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad)

Sub-Category: Thriller

The story is about a woman, Aditi Preston, living in Mumbai. She has a life any woman would die for. With a caring husband, good job and a sister she loves, her life is perfect. But it doesn’t last long. All it takes is an accident. Her husband, John, dies in a car accident. All her past life is blown away in the blink of an eye. But soon she finds out that this is just the beginning of a nightmare. The death of her husband unlocks a series of events that makes her question everything she has taken for granted.

Andy Russell, an inspector, smells something fishy going on when he reads the case. He looks into the matter only to find that things lay hidden beneath layers of corpses, people who have been sacrificed for the cause. Soon he discovers that he is caught in the middle of a game, a game of powerful people who would do anything to get things on their side. He tries to meet Aditi but she moves on the road, when someone tries to abduct her. The search leads Andy to the Pool Corporation, the place where it all started. Andy moves on and discovers what lay beneath the layers; a truth that violated mankind. Andy realizes that he just isn’t trying to save Aditi now, but a lot of people who are even unaware of monster who has been trying to pull them under water.

The story is about the fight for money, sex and power, and the dark pit that awaits mankind when they cross the thin line which separates passion and obsession. Past and present are well intertwined together. Even if we try to forget it, it may be anytime that the monster revives and disrupts the oblivion in which we are living.



20.37 hrs

He checked his watch. He was late again. He had been late for almost every day the past week. He had explained it to his wife and that he would be taking a vacation with her soon enough. He was obsessed with his work and sometimes he felt guilty for not giving enough time to his family.

He checked his work again. For the past few months he had checked and rechecked what he had seen, if he was wrong he would be in deep trouble. But he couldn’t be wrong. He put the file carefully in the drawer and removed his coat. He hated wearing the long white overcoat but he had been told to do so since he was a student. One wrong step and it would all be over. He looked around his lab.

There were no lights other than his. They must have gone home, he thought. He opened the door and suddenly out of nowhere a fist hit him on the nose. Someone grabbed his collar and yanked him backwards. He was too confused to fight him off. The other person took out a gun and hit him on the back of his head. He lost consciousness.

The other person went near the drawer where he saw him putting the file. He seldom liked jobs like this when it was so easy. He took out the file.

‘You won’t need it anymore’. He said and took out a lighter. But soon he put it out. He could make it thrilling.

He looked around the lab and smiled. A couple of minutes later a huge explosion shook the whole neighborhood. Everything was over.

New York


Richard was having a hard time moving through the crowd. He was already late by more than fifteen minutes. He had left the office at the right time, the traffic was unexpected. The person he was meeting was too important to make him wait.

About half an hour later he was standing right at that spot where they were supposed to meet. He didn’t expect him to wait this long. He had to apologize. He looked at the watch, he was an hour late. He stamped his feet hard on the ground. It was so hard to get a meeting and he missed it. He cursed himself for not getting out earlier from his office.

The moon had come up. The scene was beautiful. There were no people around him at that moment and he could hear the river flowing right in front of him. He sat on the river bed hoping that the other person might be late too. But even he knew that the possibility was low.

After sometime he felt a hand on his shoulder. He was relieved that the other person was late too. He turned around but he never saw the face of the person. A hammer hit his face and then on his head. He didn’t get a chance to even utter a word. The next blow came down on his head again. His bloodied body lay there on the ground. His head disfigured by the blows. His face bloodied and nose broken. Even without touching him the other person knew that he was dead.

He turned the body. He lifted the body on his shoulders and walked down to the river side and threw it into the water.

‘A treat for the fishes’. He thought.

The police would find his body if they were lucky. But there were few chances, very few chances. The work had gone just as he expected. There were no witnesses, no worries. The place was so quiet that he simply loved it. And after killing he always got a good feeling. And the way he did it today; it was one of his favorites. A perfect ending………


Aditi woke up with a start as she heard the alarm……….



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