Who has not heard the popular saying ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’? I presume everyone has, however not very many care to heed. Cleanliness and hygiene has been and still is one of the burning issues of this country. However, unfortunately this facet of existential essentiality is generally neglected in our country because of a very basic fact, there is no political momentum to be gained out of it.

However, our present Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has something that was supposed to be done a long time ago.  He initiated a pan India campaign for cleanliness. He dreamt of ‘Swacch Bharat’, as responsible citizens of this great nation it is our duty to fulfil this dream of his.

Recently, as one should be aware, a Swacch Swarvekshan Survey was conducted by the Government of India ranking cities in the order of their cleanliness. Dhanbad, the city of our Alma Mater ranked at a dismal 73rd or last as one might say. We the students of ISM Dhanbad consider this our responsibility to amend this. Not only Dhanbad, we the students, the torchbearers of our nation’s future bear a moral and social responsibility to the country which we should let the nation redeem to its fullest.

We have to do something, with this in our minds, we set upon the task of building a student led movement, completely apolitical in nature, a movement, the likes of which have never been heard of in history. We the students of ISM Dhanbad, created the Campus Cleanliness Drive (CCD).

CCD is a movement which intends to complement the Government’s effort to create a clean and green India. It has been kicked off at the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad campus on the 5th of March, 2016.12814511_1577897692531883_8509641937526343262_n

As a part of the movement, the students and the public in general are required to clean any spot or place as he or she may see fit. They are to take a picture before cleaning the spot and then after cleaning the spot, they are to create a collage and post it on their timeline on Facebook with the #CCD and #Clean<CollegeName> e.g. in our case it’s #CleanISM and #SwacchBharat They are to tag five friends in the post and nominate them to do a similar activity in support of a cleaner India within a time span of 24 hours.

The movement has started to gain momentum with colleges all over India, in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Asansol, Bangalore, etcetera joining the bandwagon. We have had a very heartfelt response from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. Student fraternity of BIT Mesra are very interested in making their footprint in this movement. As a suitable acknowledgement of our efforts, the promotional video for CCD will be shown on the last day of Bitotsav 2016, the annual fest of BIT Mesra. Further, we are working in conjunction with BIT Mesra to give a greater regional success to this movement.

Our page has received over 53500 views, our reach is over 58355, we have 6548 people engaged and #CCD started trending with more than 90000 people talking about it, all in a day’s effort. So we see that people are eager to help but all they need is a little motivation, a little positivity. Thus, we want every last person in the country to know about it. Every person must do his/her bit, even if that is a small step, after all many small steps can make a bridge fall!

Now, there were two motivations for the movement. One Dhanbad being ranked the dirtiest city in India. The other is the issue of our conversion into an IIT which has been promised to us for very long.

Seven years ago, our seniors dreamt of converting the college into an IIT. We do not ask for the tag; we deserve the IIT tag. Every ISMite clears the prestigious JEE Advanced to get into ISM, we are no different. To be very clear, people all over the country deserve to know that ISM is no longer only a Mining cradle but also a full-fledged technical institute aiding in the country’s progress.

We could have protested normally but we believe that protests never do the country any good, so we decided to settle upon a novel way of voicing our requests. The CCD campaign is to thank the Government for its efforts in converting ISM into an IIT by supporting the Swacch Bharat campaign and also to remind it to make good of its word. We want to do something good for the country in everything we do.  We want to give back to the nation that gave us this opportunity.

We want to put Dhanbad at the top of the Swacch Swarvekshan Survey and also put it back on the map, people seem to have forgotten about this place which, with its coal powers most of India. We promise to make a difference pan India, not just Dhanbad, we just need more support, in return we only ask one thing, the tag of an Indian Institute of Technology, because we deserve it.

Souradeep Bhattacharja

I am pursuing my Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering at the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. I passed my ICSE Examination in 2012 from Calcutta Boys' School with 96% and I passed my AISSCE in 2014 with 96% from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

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