“Your coffee, it’s getting cold”, she said.
“I know”
“It’s being an hour since you are here but you haven’t written one word”, she asserted.
There is nothing to write about. “Why are you even here”, he questioned.
You know that. Don’t you?
I don’t want you here.
“Look at that” she points to the black bright sky. “See the moon. It’s beautiful, isn’t it”, she
Yeah! But not as much as you.
She chuckles! He seems happy today.
H’m…But I don’t understand why?
“What do you mean”, she asked as she looks into his eyes.
“The sky is empty. There is no star close to him. How could he still be happy? Why does he
stands at the same place every night and never go somewhere else?” he grilled
“Maybe because he knows if he stays there and waits, the stars would come back. They always
do”, she said smilingly.
He looks back to the moon, shining through the shadow in the dusk to dawn. He feels a
harmony inside him.
He turns to look at her while he spoke “I don’t know why l listens to you. You are not even…”
He stops as he said so and finds him alone.
She had left. He can’t say it but his heart whispers the last word of the sentence.
He takes one last sip of the coffee and left.

-Sanjay Kumar Jagga
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.

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The entire ISMDiaries Team comes together to create articles to be shared via the Team ISMDiaries handle. What you are reading is a culmination of efforts of several members of our team and no one in particular.

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