Hi guys , if you are planning to buy a new camera, do read this before investing in one.

Lets start with basics, there are three types of camera available now a days in market :

  • Compact camera
  • Bridge camera
  • DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera

As technology is advancing , picture quality from compact and bridge cameras is getting better.

But what makes a camera ,capture good images??

Its the

  • Sensor size , (bigger the size , better the quality)
  • Quality and aperture range of lens, ( wider the aperture , better low light capability. measured as f-number, eg. f1.8 , f2.0, f5.6 etc. the lesser the number , wider the apurture)
  • Image processor , and
  • ISO sensitivity of the sensor. (more sensitive the camera is , better is its low light capability. measured as ISO 100, 200, 400, 800 and can go upto 25600 and even more. Higher number suggests more sensitivity towards light )

Most of you are fooled by the enormous zoom range and megapixel count as boasted by different brands, but do make it clear that megapixel is NOTthe measure of picture quality ,

It just ensures how big a print you can make. Generally 12 megapixel is more than enough for your daily needs.

Those of you who are attracted by Zoom range , kindly note that you are going to suffer from your camera in Low lighting conditions. It will only help you in bright day light.During indoor shooting you will get blurry images without flash, and compact camera flash can never help you in getting good looking pictures, specially during portraits , it worsens the skin tone.

So here are some points , you should take into consideration :

  • don’t buy a DSLR , just for buying it , although consumer DSLR’s are getting cheaper by the day, but instead a high end compact camera can be your better companion if you are not a pro photographer. As most of you become reluctant in using a DSLR just after few months because of its bulkiness.
  • kind of photography you generally will be going to do , like family gathering , events , vacations etc. or serious enthusiasts for nature and wildlife. Don’t go for more than 10X zoom , if you are into general photography. A higher zoom range is only required for wildlife.
  • look for shot to shot delay , a higher delay can generally be frustrating.
  • fps (frames per second) the camera can shoot , higher the number better the chances of getting the perfect shot.
  • a good battery life.
  • image stabilization
  • video capabilities ( resolution and frames per second ) . HD to full HD with more than 24 fps is ok. Stereo Microphone is added advantage.

so now when you are ready to buy your new camera , here are some suggestions suiting every budget.

  • Under Rs 10,000
  1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH6 , price Rs. 5519 , 14.1 mp , 5X optical zoom , f2.5 – f6.4 , Leica lens , 280 shots per charge (http://www.panasonic.com/in/consumer/cameras-camcoders/camera/dmc-fh6.html)               
  2. Sony cybershot DSC-WX50 , price Rs. 8300 , 16.2 mp , 5X optical zoom, f2.6 – f6.3 , Carl Zeiss lens , 230 shots per charge  (http://www.sony.co.in/product/dsc-wx50)                                                                                                                       
  • Rs 10,000-20,000
  1. Canon IXUS 125 HS , price Rs. 11,625  , 16.1 mp , 5X optical zoom , f2.7 – f8.0 , 170 shots per charge  (http://www.canon.co.in/personal/products/compact-cameras/ixus/digital-ixus-125hs?languageCode=EN)   
  2. Nikon P330 , price Rs. 15,559 , 12.2 mp , 5X optical zoom , f1.8 – f5.6 , Nikkor lens , 200 shots per charge (http://www.nikon.co.in/en_IN/product/digital-compact-cameras/performance/coolpix-p330)

If you need more zoom range and better battery life than Canon IXUS 125 HS, can also go for Sony DSC-WX150 , price Rs. 11,700 , 18.2 mp, 10X optical zoom, f3.3 – f5.9 , Sony G lens, 240 shots per charge…..But in low light Canon is better than Sony.


  • Rs. 20,000-30,000
  1. Nikon  P7700, price Rs. 24,205 , 12.2 mp , 7.1X optical zoom , f2 – f4 , 330 shots per charge….But its successor P7800 is already out with an electronic view finder and other cool features , MRP Rs. 26,950                                                   (http://www.nikon.co.in/en_IN/product/digital-compact-cameras/performance/coolpix-p7800)                     
  2. Panasonic Lumix LX7 , price Rs. 29,266 , 10.1 mp , 3.8X optical zoom , f1.4 – f2.3 , Leica lens, 330 shots per charge (http://www.panasonic.com/in/consumer/cameras-camcoders/camera/dmc-lx7.html)                
  3. Panasonic Lumix FZ200 , price Rs. 29,990 , 12.2 mp, 24X optical zoom , f2.8 throughout the zoom range , Leica lens, 540 shots per charge…this camera is bulkier , more like DSLR , but worth every penny.                      (http://www.panasonic.com/in/consumer/cameras-camcoders/camera/dmc-fz200.html)

NOTE: all prices are according to online shopping website flipkart.com ,  but please do not buy Nikon products from Flipkart , it is not the authorised dealer. Instead you can opt for Amazon.in

Thank You.

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