I found to get out of my bed on the wrong side

Feels air which seems so soothing then, had now become the devil’s advocate,

I got confused

So, I tried to see the truth, through the shadow of the mirrored glass window, but its blur

I struggled to catch a glimpse of, but goes in vain

Its seems like chasing the rainbow, but I fought

I fought at the end of my tether, like Hercules

Huh! Ended in a fiasco,

Its same, the blurred, nothing changed,

I got flamed, and in haste I did my last ditch attempt

Yeah! Clean sweep.

Finally, I managed to reach nearby the secret of truth

Now, it’s the final crunch time, hearts in the mouth

Looked with zealous like an eagle eye, for the secret of truth to be unwrapped,


I was simply out of my wits, amazed to see an Incredible,

It’s A Rotating Dice.

I took a pause, and looked around,

It’s the rotating dice surrounded by lots of stand-stilled dice.

Rotating dice –It’s the truth about the future, hidden in the sand,

Shielded by the distorted dust of my past — stand-stilled dice.

The truth of life is like a rotating dice, showing different faces,

Gazed eyes on it hoping to get 6, but it can be anything 1, 2, and 3,4,5,6

I prayed to be 5 or 6 but not less than 4

Just a blink and dice stopped, it’s … its 1,

For the time being, everything changed,

Changed me from hair to heel

Felt deep pain exploring from toe to head

But I was not helpless, tried to stand up

.Wait wait………what was I doing,

Stopped at 1 – failure, Stopped at 6 – success

Is it the number who defines me or is it me who defines the number.

I am the one who knows the meaning of number 6, I am the one who knows the meaning of success and failure for myself, I am the one who decide what failure and success means to me, it’s my dice, it’s my life and I have a full control over it.

So, I rejected the choice of fate,

I made a new move,

And I roll the dice again…..