“Ideas are like rabbits.You get a couple and learn how to handle them and pretty soon you will have a dozen.”

Ever since its inception ISMDhanbad has witnessed a great deal of extravagant events and programs. But come 8th October and ISM shall witness perhaps the most spectacular event of then all. TEDx ISMDhanbad , a platform for spreading ideas worth sharing in its maiden edition is sure to leave you spellbound and goosebumped. Here goes the life story of Mr. Sandeep Gupta, a solopreneur and India’s only corporate storytelling coach.

Sandeep Gupta came from a Delhi-based family of Civil Servants but his modus operandi was never synchronous with his parents ambitions and perspective towards a successful career. His parents believed in trampling others beneath the feet in the rat race of reaching the zenith of social pecking order. Since he was encouraged to imbibe, inculcate and emulate his reading and oratory skills at an early age, so he believed in deducing fresh ideas. An incidence at his early age ceased him from going to school which impregnated a dreadful impact on his mind. He was severely scolded by his teacher for not uttering a single word on stage when he was in 5th standard of school.

For the next seven years he didn’t go to school. Deep inside, the desire to prove himself kept simmering but the fear of failure too ran shivers down his spine. One of his father’s friend came to his rescue as a much needed guide. He encouraged him to read excessively and familiarized him about various issues of society. He got a personal tutor at home who would teach himall the school subject. He also got basic idea of most basic human disciplines like business, economics, marketing, biology etc.

In 1990, his mentor left the country for a few years on an assignment and then his family forced him to finish his senior secondary education and pursue engineering. But all their expectations bit the dust as he was a total fail at his college. He failed in almost every subject during his first semester.He was totally devastated and crestfallen.

But then came the turning point of his life. He visited one of his friend Sarang’splace. Sarang’s father and one of his friends were deliberating on the issue of oil prices. Both of them were professors at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), the best business-school in Delhi. He joined the discussion and gave a totally unique viewpoint that sorted out the problem instantly. They were amazed with his knowledge and skills. He said that he was a B-School professor and kept interacting with smartest people in the country, but he never heard anything that fascinating ever.Sandeep was then asked to present his viewpoints to the college students but his past haunted him to speak. He then practiced for two months and was also guided by Sarang’s father to overcome his hesitation. Once he went on stage, the audience was completely mesmerized with his content and left spellbound for they wondered as to how someone of his age could have solutions tosome of the gravest problems which intrigued even the stalwarts of the field. This was the day when he made his mind to become a trainer, a coach and a guide.

He was deeply disheartened by his parent’s corrupt nature, so he left home and then the struggle of his life started. He somehow managed to sustain his life by teaching in a coaching centre.

He wrote the GMAT and got a perfect score 800/800 but there was no counselor in Delhi so he went to Mumbai to meet the most renowned study-abroad consultant in India. But since GMAT requires work experience so he was unable to pursue it.He then wrote the CAT and made it to IIMA. He thought this would be an end to his roller-coaster life. But it wasn’t to be. Life had extremely exciting plans in store for him. He then dropped out of IIM.

Starting July 1996, for the next three years, he ran his first Solopreneurship venture (a CAT, GMAT, and GRE Training Center) at Ahmedabad. He did really well by every stretch of the imagination. In less than 3 years, He trained 3357 students, produced scintillating results, shaped careers, impacted lives, and saved enough (despite his extremely wild spending habits in those days) to easily afford a 5-year career-break.

He started training students for the GMAT and, in a matter of just three months, the popularity of his training reached stratospheric levels (He was the only GMAT trainer in India who had an official 99th percentile score report to showcase). He trained a record number of students with absolutely spectacular, gravity-defying results. He made 99th percentile (760-800 range) scores common lingo in India. So much so that when his students got a 750, they felt awful and wanted to retake the test.

He was invited to present a 90-minute talk at the Public Speakers’ University, London and the Professional Speakers’ Academy, London.

And the list goes on and on. Catching a glimpse of such a magnanimous personality is one grand opportunity which cant surely be missed.

Catch him live at penman auditorium on 8th October as he unravels his innovative ideas in which will surely serve as a trigger to generating a plethora of ideas in our minds.