After you have traversed the local gullies and the roads of Dhanbad and have beaten the shoots of the mall and galleries of fully air-conditioned movie experience it’s time to return to the lap of the exotic and reviving cultural depth of India. If you want a rundown from your daily hiccups of the lifestyle and holistic schedule and want to enjoy the amazing blend of culture and nature, at its apex, then Ajmer is the place for you. The place has been eternally famous for the Dargah Ajmer Sharif; the mosque is frequently visited by the stars, politicians and sports celebrities, and it shouldn’t be a surprise when your visit to the mosque is momentarily stopped for any movie star whose visits to pray for his upcoming release. You will be required to put down your accessories, therefore carry as less as possible.  There are however cloak houses for temporary accommodation of the luggage’s and stuffs.

Ajmer encapsulates within itself a history of centuries, and  if your schedule involves more day walking and rather not enjoying the delicacies of the rare Kachoda & Kababs of Ajmer, then the nearby ancient city of Pushkar will redeem and pacify your thirst of  ancient India.  According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma created the universe in the city of Pushkar, and it is officially the only acclaimed temple of Brahma!  The road that joins Ajmer to Pushkar is a short trip journey that is usually provided at an easy fare by the local car renters, who would take not more than 80 Rs per person for round journey. Locals believe that there is also a hidden temple of the Pandavas where they spent their 13 years. However with the swift winds and the exotics of the beauty the view seems like a child had gone crazy with the green canvas.

How to get there?

If you are thinking that it would be a long trip after all, then rethink. Take the overnight train, Ajmer Sealdah from the Dhanbad station; the tickets are easily available even if you plan just two days before.  The route crosses through the Agra-Jaipur –Allahabad and in the meanwhile you will receive the crisps of the long and beautiful monuments in the midway.

Reasons to avoid

  • If you avoid places full of crowd and husky people, then it’s not the place for you.
  • Ajmer is situated at an high altitude and receives a lot of heat during the afternoon. So the days would be scorch!
  • There’s always something against against everything. So it shouldn’t be a shock if you encounter pickpockets or hoax ‘Tantriks’ your way at this otherwise wonderful and flawless location.

Rest the place is a pleasure for the soul. After you have taken the snapshots of the Dargah in the morning and have captured the delights of only Pushkar in the afternoon, the best place to relax is the artificial island built in the center of lake joining the two.