Team AAP has won the Delhi Cup organised in our national capital Delhi. The margin of victory was humongous and unprecedented. They crushed their opponents mercilessly in the tournament sponsored by Election Commission of India. There were many teams in the tournament, but Team AAP, Team BJP and Team INC were the main attractions of the tournament.

The victory of Team AAP is of great importance as Delhi Cup is considered as one of the most prestigious tournament after the national level India Cup. The tournament had witnessed a close contest last year between Team AAP and Team BJP. BJP were ahead of AAP but AAP managed to win with the help of D/L (daan lekar) method. But when the umpires later turned down their appeal they decided to walk out.

The people were not happy with the walkout of AAP last year. On the other hand BJP was apple of every one’s eyes with their star player Narendra Modi being adjudged player of the tournament in the India Cup. No one was talking of INC for they had suffered humiliating defeats at India Cup preceded and followed by several more. AAP was at the back foot but had the advantage of playing at home ground.

With the tournament in mind and reactions of crowd after the walkout, AAP decided for early training camps. They started training months before the tournament. Their captain Arvind Kejriwal was seen toiling hard on streets along with main players of the team like Prashant Bhushan and Manish Sisodia. They suffered early shock when their star player of last year’s tournament -Shazia Ilmi- joined BJP. But they remained unperturbed and continued their hard work.

INC on the other hand was completely out of form. The team had won three consecutive cups in a row but were now invisible from the frame. Even Alia Bhatt refused to bet on them during the tournament. They decided to call national level player Ajay Maken naming him the captain and also appointed captain of the previous winning teams-Sheila Dikshit- as team mentor.

BJP was confident of its victory as many of its players were caught saying that the Cup is theirs only. They were in a good position to say that. They had many great and in form players both in state and national team. They were having a winning momentum (Modi’s exclusive form) and were the favourites.

To further improve their chances BJP brought new captain Kiran Bedi in place of Dr Harsh Vardhan. This bold move proved to be one of the turning points of the game. Harsh Vardhan was a veteran player respected by its teammates whereas Kiran Bedi although had potential but still was a novice. This created unrest among the teammates.

All the teams were training hard. Their players could be seen toiling in the streets of Delhi. The verbal wars and sledging were on and sometimes progressed to physical ones too.

When the results came everyone was stumped. AAP had swept rest of the teams aside and emerged victor. The bookies had predicted AAP victory but none of them could have predicted the margin. Arvind Kejriwal was adjudged Man of the Series. The player was out of form and was facing everyone’s flak before the cup. But now everyone is all praise for him. On the other hand BJP captain may lose her social stature while INC captain resigned from his post.

The lack of good performance by BJP after the India Cup is one of the reasons for its loss. The magic of star player Narendra Modi didn’t work this time. Maybe it’s time for BJP players to learn from their mistakes and try to rectify them. They can’t always rely on their national players for victory in these state level tournaments. They have to be careful for the upcoming tournaments and should start preparing from now on. Otherwise their future might not be so bright.