It was a romantic movie. After some reluctance, I had agreed to go with her to watch it. The protagonist was dropping the girl home after their first date and in the bulb-lit porch, he kissed her. (Yeah, the movie was a complete cliche!)

Beside me, I sensed her stir. Apparently, smooch scenes still made her uneasy.

“Yeah, you were right,” she said as we sat in the autorickshaw later, “the movie was a complete sham.”

That was another thing with her, she was a ruthless critic. I, on the other hand was perhaps too soft that way.

“Nah, it wasn’t that bad either! I mean, it was a decent love story, wasn’t it?”

“Decent love story! Who kisses after knowing each other for just one day?”

It was too much of a perfect moment for a monologue to miss.

“See, that’s the problem. I don’t know why there is so much ado now a day about every little thing! Why do you take a kiss to be such a big issue? Isn’t it, in the end, just a display of affection and caring? Like sharing ice-cream with someone even though you love ice creams. Well, only more explicit and active.”

“I’m not saying it’s—”

“Like I said, it’s like offering dessert! You wanna take it, go ahead and take it! You don’t, say no, and go back to what you were eating. That’s what the guy did! He took her out to dinner and then offered dessert at the end! If the girl was ok with it on the first day, so be it. What guys in real life need to do to offer dessert, well, now that’s a different thing.”

“Huh? Like what?”

“Well, for starters, we need to take you to your favorite eatery. By the route of your choice—never mind the burnt petrol—where you can sight see to your heart’s content. Then talk you into an economic order. And when, finally, at precious last, when you have eaten, and we order the dessert, you don’t stop us, oh no. But when dessert comes, and we offer you: Suddenly you don’t like sweets that much. Namkeen is what you have always liked. And we should have known it.”

“Dude! You really ARE in a Males-only college, looks like.”

Well, that silenced me.