CONGRATS guys, the news in the air is that Yashraj Films has finally decided to come up with another sequel to one of the most successful film franchise in India. It’s DHOOM-4 as most of you would have guessed. Yes friends, it’s true. But the most interesting part that would quickly change your countenance is the movie set. It’s not going to be the film city or some other exotic foreign locations but It’s our own college i.e. ISM! Yes friends you heard it right.

They have got a whiff of the happenings inside Jasper hostel. They think it could be the perfect plot for the movie next in line to the Dhoom series, much better than its prequels. Laptops being stolen through the locked doors, and that too under the nose of so many guards. The locks are never broken nor is any clue left behind. Heck, it could be worthy of a Sherlock Holmes movie (Well that would quite be an exaggeration and I don’t want to feel the wrath of Sherlock fans for this comparison :p).

The thief also seems quite brave and gutsy as compared to Amir Khan. Amir had to run a lot after the robbery, but our thief is standing firm, doing his job meticulously and stealing laptops one after another. And still no one had a glimpse nor could reveal his identity. The thief can be any one among the humongous population of a thousand people (largest no of suspects ever for a movie). Lots of rumours are also doing rounds. They could be used effectively in the movie to keep the audience guessing.
Another reason could be the low budget required for this movie as they need not to go abroad for those exotic locations to shoot the movie. The other benefit being that producer won’t have to face heavy losses as it is quite probable that not many people would turn up for the movie after watching D-3. It would be good for audience too as they would be spared of meaningless cars & bike stunts.
The movie would raise questions and leave audience bewildered even after leaving the hall (first time for a Dhoom movie!). “These things happening in such a prestigious college?” “The college where the best minds of our country come to study?” ”Does good education at the same time does not ensure good moral values?” These would be the prominent question to be raised in the movie. The audience would be forced to ponder over it. The question over security at the hostel might also be asked.
Although there are chances of it running into controversies for showing the TRUTH of an institute soon going to be converted into an IIT. Students from all over India might come to roads against the movie. But still it would increase the publicity and the overall business of the movie so no problem at all!
But if you ask me about this stealing business, I would say it is the work of the aliens. They are taking revenge for stealing the remote of PK’s spaceship!