Tearing apart the fog, banging the horn, soham was driving on road which heads to my ancestral village. Long trees marked the boundary of the road on either sides. The fog was quite dense and I couldn’t see beyond trees. I rolled down window glass to feel the mist. “Bhaiya kapti tandh hai” soham said. I said hmmm. Soham is my dad’s driver and he is driving me to my grandparents home . Dad was astonished when I told him my plans for this winter. I originally belonged to a village 120 kms northeast of Patna, which I’ve not been to since 10 years. It wasn’t like we do not have good relations, but this metropolitan life never offered me enough free time or maybe I never managed. My dad was settled in Patna. He asked grandpa several times to join us but he always denied. After 3 hours of beautiful drive I was at land which I’ve been dreaming of for two weeks. Dad has already informed grandpa about my arrival. Soham parked the car in huge outing of a large old house. I stepped out of the car. Everything was same as it was 10 years ago except the trees on the boundaries which have grown higher. They were waiting for me. I touched their feet. My grandmother hugged me. I went in my room to fresh-up. After lunch my grandpa took me on a walk to our fields. Young wheat buds were busy pushing the soil aside to come to fresh air. Grandpa I’ll settle here after my retirement I said. He smiled. I asked you are such a brilliant engineer. You got lots of good offers from reputed IT firms after you retired from army, still why did you choose to come here and be a farmer?” He placed his hands on my shoulder and said, “this is where my ancestors belonged to”. This is what my dynasty have been doing. It gives to pleasure to watch these corpse growing. My hard days before getting into army have connected me with farming. Son do u know one thing ‘relations are not made by love, it is made by pain. A strong bond of mother with her child is because of the pain she goes through.’

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