This basant, Team ISMDiaries interacted with our beloved alumni’s and tried to gain experience and suggestions from them. This a series post which will be containing interviews of alumni’s belonging to various back ground. ISMites, Hope it  proves helpful to you. Here goes our fourth post.

Name – MR. G.H. DANGE


BATCH – 1964-65

TEAM ISMD. : A very warm afternoon sir. We are from ISM DIARIES , a popular blogging site initiated by our fellow seniors. We will be indebted if you could you spare a minute or two and respond to our queries.

MR. G.H. DANGE: Why not? Comfort yourselves on the couch.


TEAM ISMD. : Its been 50 long years since you graduated from your alma mater. But still you made it a point to attend BASANT, the annual alumni reunion event . What is it about ISM that drives you to this place?

MR. G.H. DANGE:{smiles} Yes its been 50 tedious years. Times have changed and we too have transformed from undirectional brats to wise old men. However those fond memories are tempting enough to make me head back to this great institution.


TEAM ISMD. : Does the present scenario make you remniscent of old times or has the college changed tremendously?

MR. G.H. DANGE: Well , the college has drastically grown by leaps and bounds in the past few decades and believe me it is for the better. ISM DHANBAD is no longer a college restricted to mining and allied branches but has emerged as a full fledged technical institution. Infrastructure has significantly improved and student intake has increased by about 10 times of what was prevalent in our times. The best part is that time hasn’t made even an iota of difference in diminishing the aura and charisma of this place , something which instilled within me a sense of belongingness during my college days.


TEAM ISMD. : Could you put light on the fond memories you share with this place?

MR. G.H. DANGE: {laughing}. There are quite a number of everlasting cherishable moments associated with this place. I still remember, i was ragged on the very first day in college. Just as I got down from the rickshaw, a swarm of seniors surrounded me and made a mockery out of me by teasing and taking pothshots whenever i erred in responding to their questions. However once they ensured i was down and out , they embraced me, paid the rickshaw walla , ensured that my oesophagus was filled to the brim and themselves took my luggage to my room. Burning midnight oil just before the exams, bunking classes , spearheading the OPERATION PROXY and doing futile activities during leisure time are some of the other memories impregnated in my mind.


TEAM ISMD. : You might be well aware of the ISM to IIT agitation carried out by our college seniors. What are your views on the same?

MR. G.H. DANGE: Frankly speaking , i dont consider IIT”S to be at par with ISM DHANBAD. The legacy of our college is unmatched and cant be emulated by IIT”S, which were established later than INDIAN SCHOOL OF MINES. However the government has formulated policies which put a premium on IIT”S resulting in more funds being channelised there as compared to ISM. Seen in that perspective ISM DHANBAD would have more perks attached to it and so IIT DHANBAD could turn out to be a welcome change.


TEAM ISMD. : You have had a sucessful professional career working with CIL. What according to you are the MANTRAS for success?

MR. G.H. DANGE: I personally believe that the current crop of individuals lack that persistent zeal and passion for work. Shortcuts to minting huge sums of money is the top priority. Consistent and complete devotion, love for what you do and an inherent desire to succeed are the key to realising your objectives which the present generation should imbibe. Apart from that, being a good human being and contributing towards the society are also of utmost importance.


TEAM ISMD. : Any message you would like to give to the current students of ISM?

MR. G.H. DANGE: My visit to ISM DHANBAD after 50 years has been absolutely tremendous. I witness significant expansion and my heart brims with joy to see that the grotesque main heritage school building has been maintained as it was 50 years ago. I hope the younger students take college seriously irrespective of discipline and retain the older generation and younger generation bonding.


TEAM ISMD. : It was a pleasure talking to you sir. A heartfelt thanks for the same.

MR. G.H. DANGE: You are most welcome.


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