PART –1 TO 2

While crossing a bridge, over a narrow stream,

Where he used to sit to and dream.

He used to be optimistic, and look forward.

Smart, creative but little coward,

One day

He was inspired,

Which forced his heart to make some desire?

Because, he was impressed,

But at the next moment, he got little depressed.

Why he was depressed?



“If you want something from heart, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

Vice versa, if the conditions or universe don’t conspire in helping you to achieve it, it means you are not pursing your dreams with desire or from heart. The reason may be either, he has not opted the correct path, the path which always led to conflict between one’s dream, desire and success or maybe,  he is on correct path but not been able to grab the positives point of the path, rather keeps on thinking of its negativity.

He was impressed,

But, why he was depressed?

Because, in spite the fact he was inspired,

He is not been able to convert his dream into desire.

But, besides sinking,

 He started thinking

He keeps his thinking high and pure,

And this makes destiny secure.


Don’t let your dream fall apart,

Just follow your heart.

And, with esteem,

His mind and heart agree to work as a team.

Let’s analyse this, what do you think the probable reason of conflict between his dream and desire? Why he was not able to convert his dream to desire? I think it’s the question “whether I am able!”, “Am I willing to turn my dreams into desire? And these questions create big difference between one’s dream and desire. And the minute you answer–“Yes, I am able!” and “Yes, I am willing!” your dream moves to the next phase of creation and becomes a theory in your consciousness and at this point your dream become desire.

What I think is that, the only thing which steps one back is the fear of failure. And the moment you overcome this fear, at that point theory of “The alchemist” works, which eventually led you to success.

And, yes without any fear,

He changed his pace of life to another gear.

And, after lot of endeavour,

His mind and heart agree to work together.

And, one can admire,

How, he changed his dream to desire.


He said: If someone is waiting for his desires to come true and change your life, then it might not be possible, rather it’s the desire followed by goals, which can change your life.

And, without blames,

He simply aims.


 With all his soul,

He marked his goals.

Although, it takes one step to change desire into goals, but it takes several steps to take that goal to the finish line. And once you convince your body to work hard in order to achieve the goals, which eventually lead you to success, at that point all three parts i.e. heart, mind and body act as a team.


And, on co-ordinate axes,

He marked his graph of success

Now, he rock and roll,

Talk to his soul.

Now, he aims for money,

And, do the same for his honey

He saw dreams endlessly,

And, gleam ceaselessly.



Finally, he thinks it’s very necessary to have a proper synchronising between all three i.e. brain, heart, and body, and all should point in one direction in order to work as a team.

But, if it doesn’t happen, the difference between one’s dreams, desire and success keeps on increasing. And we find our success to be slipping through our fingers.