What an amazing month February has been, no less than any roller coaster ride for the ISMites (Yes I know you are an IITian but for time being, endure me calling us ISMites). It has all the ups and downs that makes it a perfect script for a Bollywood masala movie.

The month started and before we knew came the Valentines week. A cute and mesmerizing month for the fellows who have been hit by a cupid on their butt while a complete nightmare for the rest(that makes up the majority of ISM).

Amidst the Valentines week Basant knocked the door of ISM with its own essence of joy and happiness. A chance for looking at the past and a realization that age is just a number and ISMites from fifty years back were more or less same as we are right now. Also, needless to mention, it gave the guys a chance and the girls to realize that they are treated no less than queens (princesses if queen makes you feel older 😛) in the college. Who can forget Indian Ocean and their songs that were on lips of every ISMite for at least a week.


Basant’s hangover ended and then we had a horrible realization, The wicked Mid-Sems arrived and everyone(except the maggus of course) was like: bhai syllabus kya hai? dude notes hai kya? please sath me baithiyo. And all the hardwork to fill the NLHC tables with classnotes hours before the exam!  If it was less trouble World Cup came up as a massive distraction.

Exams to roz aate hai, but world cup 4 saal mein aata hai”,  typical way of a friend to lay a trap.

The mid-sems were over and just while half of the college was packing up their stuffs for going home, the budget came and the entire college was elated with joy. Holi was shifted on the 28th for the news was so big and joyful. The entire Facebook was flooded with ISM to IIT posts that no one was left uninformed of the news. Yes it’s a big news and we are screaming it at the top of our voice since we have earned this tag that we deserve. Kudos to all the ISMites, especially to all the members of the movement including our respected alumni.
Now, it’s ‪#‎mauka‬ to celebrate.
Though we have achieved the IIT tag, it’s not an end, picture abhi baki hai mere dost…