“ISM2IIT: Planning a Tweet Flood tomorrow. Schedule to be updated. Kindly Make Account on twitter”- this was the status updated by a student of ISM on 15th September, 2013 at 1 am, a day before the commencement of Mid-semester examination.

Around a couple of weeks before, around 1500 students of ISM participated in a silent protest at Jantar Mantar, Delhi. The scorching sun rays could not affect the spirit of the determined students. The council meeting was to be scheduled on 16th September, 2013 and the issue of conversion was an agenda item. While most were busy cramming for the examination day after tomorrow, a few Facebook-lovers managed to raise the heartbeats of their room-mates and themselves out of excitation on getting a glimpse of this status. It didn’t take much time for everyone to understand that such a flood of tweets will definitely help to catch the attention of different eyes and become instrumental to create awareness about the seriousness and enthusiasm of students of ISM. Yes, they were ready to do anything that might assist in the conversion. Unique way of expression. Knowing that Pallam Raju and Shashi Tharoor were active users, the students expected them to go through their tweets and realize that they can fight for their rights in every way possible. If they can’t be present there in person, they can protest online.

And then in the next 8 hours, the students of ISM showed their ability by flooding twitter with around a lakh of tweets. The pace of the tweets was faster than the brain of Chacha Choudhary. Examination fear couldn’t stop them from tweeting, let they be blocked after 300 tweets or let the LAN be slow. Tweeting in different languages by using Google language or retweeting a number of times, nothing was left untried. And as estimated, #iitismdhanbad was able to manage a world rank of 16 and reach the topmost trend of India in a matter of a few hours. The main motive to grab the attention of HRD ministers had been achieved.

However, things didn’t turn out the way these 5000 students had wanted. The decision for the IIT council’s meeting regarding the plea for conversion of ISM to IIT got postponed to the end of the year. It seemed another diplomatic tape had been stuck to keep our mouths shut. The only positive news delivered was that Dr. D.C. Panigrahi, Director of ISM, would be a part of the committee.

ISM was ranked 11th in India in the Outlook Engineering Colleges survey of 2013 and also of 2012. Having 17 departments, 5000 students who have cracked IITJEE, 550 academic staff, doesn’t it deserve to be an IIT? The conversion of ISM to IIT has already supported by 200 MP’s, but yet the council has ignored all the efforts. Nevertheless, the students of ISM have reached one step closer to the edge and are not going to break out in the end. Our hearts are united for this single cause, and we can do anything to make it a success.  Who knows, maybe ISM-ITES will celebrate New Year 2014 as IITIANS.



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