Mr. Parakram; Mr. ISM; Gym Secretary…… These are mere veils which hide the true glory of  Mr. Khemchand Joya, a youth from Jodhpur who established the fitness culture of ISM, thus providing a platform for students to not only develop themselves, but also to facilitate guidance for aspirants. Team ISMDiaries had been given the opportunity to interview such a wonderful person, and here we are, ready to present you one truly amazing success story-

Khemchand was always interested in sports and when he joined ISM, he enrolled himself in handball, where he excelled as a team player and represented ISM at the sports fest organized by IIT-BHU. Sanjit Ghosh (Gym trainer) had always noticed something different about him. When his partner got injured, he had to discontinue handball. This is when Sanjit sir became his personal coach and trained him in strengthening his body. He first competed in Mr. Parakram competition in his second year at ISM, wherein he bagged the gold medal. He went on to bag the 4th place in the senior Mr. Jharkhand competition, which was held the very next day! In summer, he scored two consecutive gold medals in  both the junior and senior editions of Mr. Jharkhand. In August, he went to the Mr.East-India competition, where he achieved the title of “Mr.East-India”. Later, in December, he was placed 8th   in the junior Mr. India contest and went on to achieve the 6th place in senior Mr. India competition held in February, besides winning the Mr. ISM title again this year.

Such glorious achievements aren’t achieved by just lifting weights, says Khemchand when questioned about his training. The amount of dedication required to stick to the vigorous schedule that he follows is overwhelming. His diet consists of just boiled foods with ample protein content during the game season. Off-game season permits him to indulge in rotis  and curry from time to time. He sleeps by 11 in the night just to get up early for his morning routine. All this while simultaneously balancing academics!


Speaking of the gym culture in ISM, he pointed out that with two gyms in the Diamond and the Sapphire hostels and two more in the Student Activity Center, ISM is way ahead of it’s peers in facilitating students to enhance their physical fitness, yet not up to the mark. He pointed out that the gym could use a few more pieces of modern equipment, especially the gym in Diamond hostel, which was established years ago. Khemchand was the initiator of the bodybuilding culture in ISM, and as we later found out, the inspiration and mentor for many of his peers and juniors. He has successfully established an environment where one can openly interact with his seniors and gain knowledge as of how he can develop his body, without being afraid or feeling shy. He further pointed out that not all people who go to gym  regularly do so in order to do core-bodybuilding and that there exist a fair fraction of people who go to the gym just to stay fit. Being modest, he praised their ability to be on a continuous diet in order to keep fit. He assured that even such people were provided proper guidance and facilities in gyms. He also pointed out that administration helped him out quite a few times, but always was too slow in working out things. When asked for a word of advice that he would like to give to his juniors, he said “take things in a slow but dedicated manner, and success will present itself.”

Such stories convey only one valuable message to our fellow peers in ISM, that “we are what we make of ISM”.

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