“Oh! Dr. Suresh OMG! OMG! You are a rockstar.!!”

“Oh! Er. Ramesh! I am your big fan, wanna have your autograph!!”

Ever listened to these euphoric exclamations.? Ever!?

Sounds funny right?

Then Why ? Why? Why on earth are you giving your life to become Dr.Suresh or Er. Ramesh. (Read the line again in Chandler’s voice 🙂

After my almost one year in an Engineering college( an IIT ;)) I have realised that Engineering or Medical are not just the two most rocking professions in this world. There are several of other professions too like being an author, a musician, a singer, an athlete, a soldier, a dancer and a lot of equally dignified and well paid jobs.

It always intrigues me that we live in a country where people like Shahrukh Khan, MS Dhoni ae idolised, their struggles are worshipped but when it comes to letting your child take risks, Parents just grab them by their wings , drag them back to home, chop their wings off, imprison them in dark dingy cells called study rooms, chain them to books called Maths for JEE, Bio for PMT and finally label them as medical or engineering Aspirant no. 1300001.

Why?Just because of the Greatest Fear of the Indian Parents , phobia called “Sharma ji kya kehenge???”.  Sharma ji ka beta remains the SI unit of measurement of all Indian children’s accomplishments .

Children are then grilled by most sarcastic and scornful remarks by their relatives.

Fear of failure and the pressure to succeed eventually conquers their dark and bleak world. Their life gets merely confined to books, test series , exams , boards as if someone has absconded away with every single piece of joy of their life.

At the end comes a letter, a suicide letter, written by jittery and senile hands with ink of oozing pain and sufferings. Uncle, your child was already dead, you just found that he is no more to turn maths book pages.

I will never wish such a gruesome, appalling mishap to any Indian parent. Neither do I intend to demotivate the devoted and sincere children parents team.

But I only urge the Indian parents to let their child choose their own path less trodden.

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

Just let your child expand his wings, soar high, fall but rise again through your constant cycles of burning motivation. Just don’t chop his/her wings down. For one day he/she will make you proud , more than even what Sharmaji ka Beta could even do!!

-Aranya Samaiyar
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.

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