The PMO, misunderstanding the lakhs of tweets by ISM students has decided to grant a state status to ISM, Dhanbad. Sources in PMO clarified that this was due to overwhelming demands for new states. However, MHRD has claimed that this was a well thought move as they had already planned to make new IIT’s in every state and converting ISM to a state will make it easier to open an IIT there.

Opposition parties have claimed it as a minority appeasement technique as ISMites are minority in the majority IITians population.

Some states, however are positive about this development. Haryana CM claims that this will improve Haryana as it will remove Haryana’s dubious distinction as the lowest male-female ratio state in India. Kerala also feels happy and plans to remove alcohol ban as ISM will take the lead in alcohol consumption.

Students are in a STATE of shock. They cannot decide whether it will improve their placements or not. A student leader on the condition of anonymity said –“It can very well go the Bengal way. Tata has already removed their name from placement list.But we are planning to rope in Manoj Tiwary to do an Incredible ISM ad for us.”

The Netas of the college are gearing up for the upcoming state elections but are unsure what to do of the existing political parties. RPFI leaders are happy and are confident of winning the maiden state elections though they are still to win a seat in student elections.


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Serious scuffles have taken place in ISM regarding whether Ruby Lane or RD be made the State Capital.

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