CONFESSION: I was in process of writing a book review for the book “CATCH 22”,but last night I took up another book and completed it in one go ……no accolades to me for that .The crunch writing with brilliant plot and loads of twists keeps you going (even without coffee ).

God Is A Gamer (Review)

A US senator has something important  to inform  the president about ,but he  is assassinated on the way leaving FBI on a wild chase which brings them to Mumbai. Aditya  manages a gaming company which is slowly falling apart. A banker dies after SLIPPING from the top of a building. The bank is itself plagued by numerous scams and online thefts.  Varun is a street smart drug dealer and Aditya’s long lost son , the prodigal son returns to Aditya’s company turning its fortunes .Meanwhile the investigators are bursting their heads on dark net transactions using BITCOINS which gives in a gateway for illegal transactions . What is the link between the power struggles in the United states senate and the miss happenings in the Indian bank? How  does Varun manages to cruise with the reins of Aditya’s company? How is all this related ? And who is behind it? With GOD IS A GAMER , RAVI SUBRAMANIAM  gives you the first ever bitcoin thriller . Ravi presents a world where martyrs are villains, predators are preys and money means nothing . It is the perfect thriller which ends as a revenge saga..


GOD IS A GAMER  surely can be regarded as first of its kind . The  reference of “bitcoins” ,the revolutionary digital currency and the world Ravi builds around it  is fascinating .Ravi has kept no stone unturned in  keeping up the interest of the reader with sharp twists and crisp writing. Usage  of short and precise chapters makes it a quick read. Plot in itself is exquisitely presented and appears similar to the screenplay of a movie , this  is a commendable job considering that 3-4 different storylines are moving forward together and despite of the multiple storylines the narrative never seems to trouble  or bore the readers. Terms and banking strategies used are pretty high end but that in no ways depletes the understanding quotient .Author’s work on the world of BITCOINS and the undertaken illegal practices is top notch. 

The book begins well , hooks the interest of the readers in the world of bitcoins and virtual money transfer interspersed with an assassination a murder and an alleged suicide. Chapters are arrayed based on the location of the events. The sub plots also manage not to disturb with the pace of the story. But, towards the end things start to complicate themselves frustrating the reader. The climax even though not utterly predictable but is extensively elaborate bringing down the straight edge story telling which was  maintained from the beginning .

The story also misses a well lit connection with the prologue which seems to be imposed .Revenge portion appears only in the end which strays away from the tagline (IS  REVENGE A CRIME ?). What I also fail to understand is the title ( why god ?).

All in all the book is great read and should definitely be adored by the readers who like fast paced stories with elaborate specification.


Rachit Sinha