Many a times have I heard people complaining about the pitiable state of affairs in the Health Centre here at ISM Dhanbad, however I never thought it prudent to complain about it because my firsthand experience was never quite that bad. However, after today’s experience I’m forced by my conscience to write about the ‘joke’ that is mistakenly named the ISM Health Centre.

Our Health Centre has a big building with the latest gadgets fitted right in, any person visiting the facility would be bound to compliment the administration on building such a facility primarily for the students and staff. However, that is as far as the administration gets. No one seems to have had the faintest glimmer of an idea on how to staff the facility, the facility suffers from acute shortage of staff, three doctors for only about two hours a day for the 5000+ students and faculty on campus! Ridiculous, is it not?

However, let us say even that is acceptable, what is not, is that the meagre services offered by the hallowed facility are completely suspended on the weekends. This translates to the fact that if one of us falls sick on the weekends, there is no one to offer any medical help. Referring to the case of the student at NIT Durgapur, who died due to lack of medical attention, I would say that our college is fraught with the possibility of a similar incident happening here, if adequate steps are not taken immediately.

Now, let us have an insight into the mind set of the doctors there. Doctors pride themselves on their ethics and dutifulness and people generally have much more respect for them than let us say engineers and the like, however doctors here seem to have forgotten that punctuality and a patient’s well being are supposed to be their priority.

Health Centre

People waiting at the Health Centre for Doctors to arrive.

I waited a full two hours for an appointment today at the Health Centre along with about a dozen more patients who were eagerly waiting for an appointment. Some of them were quite sick and were having trouble sitting there all the while. After the end of the two hours that went in vain, the attendant told us to go for an appointment for some other doctor. However, all other doctors already had a lot of people queued up for appointments, one among them is a gynaecologist and most of us being boys, that option was closed for us, so we only had one other doctor to choose from and it was too crowded.

My point is when a doctor has sick people queuing up for an appointment with him and he plans to take the day off, should not he do as much as intimate the office about his not coming? At least, the people could go home and rest, for all I care. This shows an extreme callousness and carefree attitude on the part of doctors here.

The other burning issue is the emergency facility, which comprises a room and nothing more other than a medical attendant. If someone is in need of emergency care after 7 P.M., he or she is referred to the Central Hospital and the person ends up spending more than four thousand rupees or so. Emergency transport is only available if no other official is using it and if you get it, you would probably have you destiny to thank for.

Thus, I would want to conclude by saying that it is for the betterment of all that a decent number of Health Centre staff be recruited who would be able to manage the facility with an acceptable degree of precision, it is unbecoming of an Institute of National Importance to have such a poor health facility, I therefore call upon the administration to do something worthwhile in this regard.

Souradeep Bhattacharja

I am pursuing my Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering at the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. I passed my ICSE Examination in 2012 from Calcutta Boys' School with 96% and I passed my AISSCE in 2014 with 96% from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

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