This is the question which has presently quizzed many ISMites. Don’t take it to be an exaggeration; you might be the one rare ACTIVE species within the dense ‘MATIYAOO’ jungle. And the question isn’t asked so as to gear oneself for participation; the basic intention is to know the dates beforehand so that a quick vacation can be planned. Kolkata would be good, but wait I feel Darjeeling would be better. So to all those gifted ISMites who are putting in their best efforts to carry forward the ‘MATIYAOO’ tradition or even achieving new heights with each passing day, ‘SRIJAN BEGINS TOMORROW.’

This may come as a shock to some. Some may even cry – blame their fate and curse the slow IRCTC connection. Why is GOD so merciless? Now Darjeeling would have to wait till CONCETTO. But what would they do during the weekend?


Are you so stupid?

The same thing that they have been doing unfailingly during the past SRIJANS or BASANTS or PARAKRAMS. I guess you got it now.

But hey! Let’s try out something new this time.

Disclaimer – The repercussions/damages due to the below mentioned statement is completely due to the reader. The author would not be held responsible for any damages. Readers who have spent 2 or more SRIJANs locked in their rooms must be cautious-


I know that presently most of you would want to kill me. It may sound heretic or eccentric to say the least. I know that this single outrageous act might eventually annihilate all our topics of discussion. We won’t be able to lament that our fests are so dull; we don’t have any MEGASTARS performing, the extremely irritating 11p.m. rule and our favourite – mismanagement by the organizers. But still, let’s do it once.

At the beginning it might seem a little frightening. Our legs may shiver, our hearts may sink. But that’s the toughest part. After that our body starts to adjust and within a few minutes you may even start swinging to the Bollywood numbers of Shilpa Rao and Neeraj Shridhar. Indeed ‘Darr ke aage jeet hai!!!’

So let’s stretch and twist our bodies once again and make this SRIJAN the best that ISM has ever experienced.

So brothers and their dear sisters-


Rahul Mazumdar

Hi folks! Can't say much about myself (still exploring) but my friends may serve u better. Thanx a lot for sparing your precious time for reading my blogs. Please don't forget to give your valuable suggestions & comments that would help me to improve my writings. Have a nice day!!

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