Strange things can be witnessed only in an engineering college. You will never see an orthopaedic trying his hands at heart surgery, nor will you find an accounts person meddling with the finance stream, but only in an engineering college you will see two Applied Chemistry guys (not of the same year) teaming up with a Petroleum guy (yes u have read that right!!!) starting a social networking site!!! is a brainchild of our own ISM. Mahashish Shome of 3rd year Applied Chemistry was frustrated with the way things were happening around him. A college that is notorious for its procrastinating attitude was just being dragged even further down with the Facebook mania. All around him, guys were either talking on their phones at 0.5 decibels (with their girlfriends obviously), or watching porn in dark rooms ( the darkness prevented him from knowing what else they were doing while watching porn), or EFFFBEEing!!! Stuck in a branch which was far from his passion, he started learning coding. With the immense amount of time that we ISMites have at our disposal, he developed a real passion towards programming. But then came a problem. He wanted to interact with people like himself who had a passion towards programming , wanted to interact with people who made it big by pursuing their passions. Facebook didn’t help him, neither did Linkedin nor Twitter. Unlike most individuals who would give up at this point, he resolved to solve his problem all by himself and started to design a website which would help people pursue their passion, develop it and interact with people who have similar passions. Thus Passionbeat was born.

But the atmosphere of ISM which strictly doesn’t favour the development of new and fresh ideas left him wondering what was the next step. Then stepped in a guy from 3rd year Petroleum Engineering, P. Durga Dinesh who realised the true potential of the site and under the able guidance of Nakul Mishra of 4th year Applied Chemistry started making wholesale changes to the site to mould it to its present shape. is very different from most other sites because you don’t waste your time looking at stuff which your close friends like. Here you are friends with only people who are just like you, people who just think like you. You don’t waste your time chatting with gals/boys trying to know if they are just like you. Gals/Boys who think like you are only accessible to you. You will be cutting down on your chances of going on dates just to know that the other person isn’t fucking made for you. This site is not about maintaining cordial relationships with every one around you. This is about being cordial with people who pursue similar dreams. You need not do stuff to impress others, need not try to get likes, need not ponder about ur next display pic. Just be ur fucking self and meet people who are fucking similar to you!!! So, fucking pursue your fucking passions!!!! (Link:

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