Disclaimer: “This article can hurt (pseudo)secular sentiments and pro-Pakistan feelings of some persons. Proceed on your own discrection”

Just after the brutal killings of innocent kids of an army school of Peshawar by some suicidal psychopaths of Tahrik-E-Taliban (TTP), social media was instantaneously flooded (and is flooded till now) with messages of sympathy and support to the deceased children and their families. Needless to say, most of this overwhelming reaction came from the keyboards of Indians. Many ultra-(pseudo)secular senior journalist like Bachi Kakaria and Nikhil Wagle, who bake their breads by instigating and propagating hatred against RSS, also found sufficient material from this massacre to post some tweets linking these atrocious killings to Hindu organizations of India (Don’t stress your brain to find out any logic in their statements, the word ‘logic’ is not present in their dictionaries.)

Due to the enormous amount of empathy shown by Indians,#‎IndiaWithPak has become the most popular and trending hashtag of twitter. #IndiaWithPak is cute and dangerous at the same time. Cute, because the modern ISI – ‘Indian Secular Intelligentsia’ has again come out of its grave with the help of this hashtag. This hashtag serves them two purposes – First, it acts as a shield to avoid condemning the inhumane organizations of terrorists flourishing in Pakistan with the help of Pak government, army and the old ISI. Second, it acts as a weapon for them to expose the creation of their own mind – ‘Hindu Terrorism’ and ‘Hindu Taliban’ in India. And it does not stop here. They tell the world that the level of religious fanaticism and bigotry of ‘Hindu Taliban’ is far worse and more dangerous than the original Taliban. Their theories and arguments are outside the scope of my intellectual understanding. They probably think that RSS or any Hindu organization should now attack Army School, Patiala to maintain the ‘secular fabric’ of the world! But in spite of this kind of wicked ideology, I don’t see any real danger from the modern ISI, because they are already dead before they could turn into some real danger – thanks to the young generation of Indians who are no more falling prey to the ISI ideology.

The real dangerous thing is that we have yet again failed to distinguish between the ‘innocent Pakistani victims’ and the nation ‘Pakistan’. For the entire world, Pakistan is a synonym of ‘hell’! ‘Pakistan as a nation’ means the cosiest abode of most cruel humans – terrorists. ‘Pakistan’ means the primary patron of terrorists. Pakistan means the nation where the government, army, and intelligence agencies use terrorist whenever and wherever it suits them. Pakistan means the land where many of our most dangerous enemies are roaming freely. Pakistan means the streets where Hafiz Saeed – the master-mind of the cruellest terrorist attacks on India, more brutal and stronger in impact than the Peshawar attacks – 26/11, regularly organizes rallies and incites hatred against India. Pakistan means a nation having pitiless army which recently chopped off head of one of our soldier, the only fault of his was that he was an Indian. Pakistan means a treacherous neighbour, who repeatedly violates ceasefire and wages wars against us without any reason at all.

‘Pakistan as a nation’ is not worthy of this kind of support and sympathy. Yes, there are some Pakistani citizens who have nothing to do with all this. But this bunch of good people doesn’t represent entire ‘Pakistan’. Pakistan is a compound of India-haters, notorious terrorists, treasonous army, anti-India government, intelligent agencies ‘and’ some common people. Therefore #IndiaWithPakistan is egregious, anti-national and shameful for a patriotic and humanitarian Indian. Why not think of something other, why not show your support to the deceased children and write ‘#IndiaWithKids’, and why not ‘‪#‎IndiaWithHumanity‬’? I don’t understand why Indians are afraid of condemning Taliban, terrorists and the Pakistan government. Why not ‘#‎ShameOnTaliban‬’, ‘#‎EndTerrorism‬’ or ‘#‎ShameOnPakGovernment‬’.

There are tens of other hashtags, use them, but don’t use ‘#IndiaWithPakistan’, because when you write ‘With Pakistan’, you are indirectly supporting the same terrorists who murdered the innocent kids.