Academic initiatives

1. Student feedback System :-

Students in which GPA ranges are liking which teacher is forwarded to respective HODs of departments. Teachers with favorable response are called for closed door meeting you discussion by HODs.

2. Entrepneurship-Cell development.

3. Concept of Summer semester for students with backlogs.

4. Adjunct posts are filled by Padma shri awardees, retired faculties from IITs and IISc, thus improving teaching quality.

5. Industry-sponsored professorial chairs.

Currently 3 CMDs (former) are bringing industrial experience to classes through this initiative.

*For IIT Conversion of a college, minimum student strength is 7500 students, ISM is quite near to this target. Currently , 7370 students are studying in ISM. This student strength rise is from 3420 student in 2010-11.

*Permanent teachers are being selected carefully. Oxford, California teachers were also invited who brought better teaching methods.

Research & industry interface

1. Establishment of Central Research Facility (CRF)

A committee would review funding for 2 to 3 years.

2. Industry-Institute interface facility at Kolkata was setup

Improving visibility of institute through metro political city Kolkata.

Next IIF is being initiated in New Delhi- land (15000 sq. ft.) has been already acquired- both IIIF were setup through own resources without any such help from Central govt.

3. Invitation from Govt. of Andhra Pradesh for establishment of regional center in A.P.

4. Emphasis & encouragement to publish research papers in SCIE/ SSCI Journals.

5. Industry-sponsored awards were awarded in last academic sessions.

6. No. of pHDs have increased by 291% in 2014-15 compared to 2010-11.

Total Cash flow (Excluding MHRD grant in acid):-

2014-15   –  7686 lakhs

The director also thanked the industry for having such faith in the institute and remarked it to be a positive step towards the development of the institute.17 memorandums of understanding(MOUs) were struck between ISM and foreign universities,with 10 more in progress,facilitating international student/faculty exchange programs.The director also mentioned that the Australian deputy commissioner was eager to further relations with ISM,which is already in collaboration with esteemed Australian universities such as Curtin and Newcastle,which are two of the top 50 universities of world.The director took this opportunity to mention infrastructural developments being made in the institute,such as the 1000 bedded girls hostel(with facilities such as a salon and a beauty parlor ) and 2000 bedded boys hostel,which were under construction.The center of excellence for mining is also being constructed.Regarding the administration,sir declared that a goal setting system,wherein annual targets would be set for faculty members and departments,was going to be implemented soon.The director’s speech was followed by many more elucidate speeches by our esteemed alumni,where students’ doubts regarding the industry were clarified while simultaneously motivating them to work towards the betterment of the nation .Mr.Aseem Kumar Sinha,a 35-year alumni of the institute,who is presently working in the department of mining safety(labor laws),Dhanbad,held an interactive session introducing labor laws dictated by both state and central governments,and clarifying doubts that one may have regarding the same.This was followed by a discourse by Mr.Abhijit Ghosh of Heavy Engineering Corporation(HEC),who emphasized on the importance of interaction between students and the industry and commended the institute for it’s effort in this matter.Lastly,Mr.Amalendu Sinha,Former Director of Central Institute of mining and fuel research, advised the students to carry out researches beneficial to industry before taking on industrial projects in order to gain the faith of the industry.He concluded by requesting the director to promote research targeted at social life developments.




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