Ajay Veer Singh, ISM Alumnus, Batch 2010, Managing Director – Focus IIT JEE Coaching Institution, Dhanbad. He is the quintessential example of IIT-JEE brand success. He is the man behind the foundation of focus & captain of the ship.  He is heading focus as an inspiring leader, who has heart of teacher & thought of a trailblazer. He has been an best example of being a self made person and inspiration for ISM students.

1. When and how did you get the motivation to become an Entrepreneur after having cracked the prestigious Engineering Exam IIT JEE?

Answer: Since the age of 15, I had an inclination to become a teacher contributing my bit to shape the budding minds. After qualifying IIT JEE 2006, I wanted to follow my passion. So in my second semester at ISM, I started FOCUS with 13 students of class 11th which had deep impact on my overall career and turned out to be the biggest step in this direction. My satisfaction and feelings attached with the batch propelled me to have a career in this niche field.

2. How did the idea of your venture strike you?

Answer:I always respected my teachers and saw them as my ideals. I always thought of becoming one from the early age. The experience I got from my stay at Kota especially in regards to R.K. Verma Sir, Director Resonance, and the ISM environment always inspired me to choose teaching students for JEE, as my destiny. Regarding having a venture of my own it was the zeal and the team that we formed in our initial days of college, who was really motivated to make the venture a success and which was always on cards.

3. What are the challenges one must need to overcome being an Entrepreneur?

Answer: Challenges are a part and parcel of any venture. I strictly believe in no pain, no gain. One should have a clear vision and a team of motivated individuals who also share a similar or compatible vision. Building a team is one of the most important parts in entrepreneurial journey especially in sectors where you have greater public interaction like education. Often it happens that once you start with your enterprise, the team loses its coordination or interest, eventually your cofounder leaves you and you are left alone. This is one of the prime reasons for enterprises failure. So, I suggest choosing your team wisely. There is need of financing, marketing, secondary services and market base for which one must study and survey the market and the taste of the people. The trick here is to always go for good quality because only the service that meets the expectations is sustainable. So instead of projecting your ideas, try and deliver the actual requirements.

4. Where and how did you get the initial investment for this venture?

Answer: In the very beginning, I borrowed money from my friends and seniors especially my colleague Suyash Pandey and Sunil Kumar sir. I am indebted to all of them for their help at that time. Eventually the earning from coaching helped me to expand slowly and steadily in past 8 years. And today we are running in profits, thanks to my colleagues.

5. Any message for the ISMites?

Answer: I always suggest and recommend my juniors to work honestly (“Jo bhi karo imaandari se karo”).

“Zindagi mein itna karna ki kabhi kum na pade, itni mehnat karna ki kabhi pachtana na pade, kabhi dimaag mein yeh baat na aaye ki, pehle mehnat kar li hoti toh aaj yeh din nahi dekhna padta”

There are many no. of ways one could grow but I believe the best way is to excel in the field you like.

6. What changes do you see between your time and the students today in ISM?

Answer: Students in my time always knew their roots and believed in hard work. Today the tendency to look for a shortcut to success has increased. I am happy that team UDAAN are working hard for development of an entrepreneurial milieu. I wish all my loving juniors a successful career ahead.

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