Divir Tiwari, Batch 2010, ISM Alumnus, Co-founder Flick 2 Know. He was very pro-active in the various activities of college. He along with his team, set an example for the budding entrepreneurs of ISM. UDAAN as a part of its initiative has interacted with him and here goes the full extract of his interview.

1. When and how did you get the motivation to become an Entrepreneur after having cracked the prestigious Engineering Exam IIT JEE?

Answer: During the early days of college while working with different set of teams for different societies. One can easily associate ISM with the real world environment, where there are ample of small issues that requires to be solved. If you can identify a business model around that, motivates you to incline towards starting at your own.

2. How did the idea of your venture strike you?

Answer: Along with my co-founder, we were watching the TED talk by Pranav Mistry. This triggered the idea to create a platform to connect physical world with the digital world.

3. What are the challenges one must need to overcome being an Entrepreneur?

Answer: Two things are very important from the very beginning – Team & Cash Flow. It is some time easier to sell your product than hiring the right talent form your organisation. In my opinion, college is the best place to look for a potential core team for your business.

4. What are Emerging fields one can innovate being an Entrepreneur in India?

Answer:  With my limited and domain specific knowledge and the experience I’ve gained as entrepreneur, Mobility – B2B enterprise solution, SAAS product, Consumer platform creation is really a hot field. Apart from that, Healthcare & Education is also a very exciting domain to work upon.

Try and target the Indian market.

5. Where and how did you get the initial investment for this venture?

Answer: From CIIE-IIM:Ahmedabad. They run an annual flagship event named – Accelerator, providing seed fund and incubation. We are a class of 2010 alum of iAccelerator. It’s a routine process of application, nothing fancy. Right now, there are around 10-15 of such programmes available.

6. Any message for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Answer: Look of real world problems, try and find a possible solution. Make your friend your partners for business, and most importantly, fail fast.

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