Gautam Singh, ISM Alumnus, Batch 2000, CEO – Get Kinected.Get Kinected works in the domain of motion sensing technologies, It  always strives working towards implementing cool usages of technologies in the day to day lives. He has been an fanatical of Entrepreneurship from his early college days, has experience in many diverse fields.  He is a driven individual with a keen interest in new technologies and desire to create something new.

1. When and how did you get the motivation to become an Entrepreneur after having cracked the prestigious Engineering Exam IIT JEE?

Answer: We didn’t crack JEE ! ISM had a separate exam back then

2. How did the idea of your venture strike you?

Answer:Love for technology and the desire to do something cool !

3. What are the challenges one must need to overcome being an Entrepreneur?

Answer: Be mentally prepared for the toughest time in your life; Have some financial backing to support yourself for at least 2-3 years; Always keep moving.

4. What are Emerging fields one can innovate being an Entrepreneur in India?

Answer: Home Automation; Use of drones + image processing for surveying specially in mining industry.

5. Where and how did you get the initial investment for this venture?

Answer: Bootstrapping; Friends and family.

6. Any message for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Answer: Be very clear about why you want to be an entrepreneur.  Don’t do it just because you think its cool and sexy to do it. Don’t believe the hype around entrepreneurship  that’s propagated through media. If you truly believe in what you want to do then only go ahead, otherwise you will never have the conviction to see your dream through.

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