Parag Goswami, Batch of 2006, ISM Alumnus, Co-founder Integrand Analytics.

He has followed his passion and build a service which is presently an well established a brand in the field of structured finance . He has been an inspiration for all the budding ISMites, enthusiasts of stepping into world of finance. UDAAN as a part of its initiative has interacted with him and here is the full extract of his interview.

  1. When and how did you get the motivation to pursue a career in Finance having cracked the prestigious Engineering Exam IIT JEE?
    Answer: In early days of college i was interested in field of finance. In college as a part of free time activity i used to screen stocks etc. Later on, i pursued masters in finance hence, a natural progression.
  1. What are the challenges one must need to overcome to achieve success in this field?
    Answer:  Be thorough in your field and finance sector is best in india, if you have good programming       background. It helps in getting Quant jobs.
  1. What are different opportunities one can pursue in the field of Finance apart from MBA?
    Answer: Corporate finance, quant finance, equity research, proprietary trading, market research etc.
  1. How can an engineering student enter the Finance Industry? Can he/she do that without pursuing MBA? What technical skills he/she should learn during graduation?
    Answer: Best technical skill would be solid VBA programming experience or know how. Other programming languages will be very helpful as well.
  1. How did the idea of your venture strike you?
    Answer: While working in past firm we realized we were rightly positioned to start our own business, as we understood more or less all the aspects of the business.
  1. What are the challenges one must need to overcome being an Entrepreneur?
    Answer: Monthly sustenance (salary), not having enough industry connection, a thorough approach how you going to start. (rough business plan and timely execution plan)
  1. Where and how did you get the initial investment for this venture?
    Answer: Funded through savings, recurring client billing.
  1. Any message for aspiring students?
    Answer: Gain couple of years of experience in the job, where you can get detailed experience on your area of interest. If you don’t know what you are interested in then just be very very good at programming languages. If you are good in programming (web programming especially javascript etc.) you will be able to execute your business ideas without any help from others or waiting for any investment.

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