All my friends/buddies/classmates used to tell me how irritated they feel to visit college website at the time of results, important notification, events ,as the website used to take a hell lot of time to open even some times it used to get crash. So i came up with an idea to publish the android app which help them to have direct access to the a particular link they are searching for within few seconds. In the process of making app i learned that all the THEORETICAL RULE OF CODING are actually very practical. Even after publishing the app on Google play i got some very useful suggestions which change my perception of making a product. (MAKE A PRODUCT THAT PROVIDES VALUE TO THE MARKET, AND LET MONEY BE A BY-PRODUCT OF IT.)

So ISMities  Anish Somani(ISM DHANBAD , CSC-2015) present you “ISM DHANBAD” Android app!!