The ISM Student Society is a magnificent manifestation of the democratic spirits of ISM. Over the years, ISS has evolved as an institution having multi-dimensional roles. Nurturing and inspiring participatory democracy among students, ISS has been instrumental in ushering in various changes and developments in ISM. But sadly most students don’t even have a basic clue about ISS. This article is an attempt to acquaint the students with the ISS, its functioning and the ISS elections.

Objective: ISS was established to bridge the gap between the students and the ISM administration. It discusses issues directly or indirectly affecting ISM and ISMites with the concerned authorities.

The ISS Body:
Electoral College: It comprises of 40 members, all of whom are selected through interview by the concerned authorities. Details of members and selection process are given below. First year students are not included in the Electoral College.
Executive Committee: It consists of 7 members: The President, Vice President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Sports Secretary and Secretary of Alumni Affairs. These 7 members must be among the members of the Electoral College. The President and the Vice President are selected from the B.Tech 4th year, and the rest are selected from the B.Tech 3rd year.

ISS Elections:

Electoral College: The 40 member team consists of following:-
(1) 3 Class Representatives.
(2) One representative from PG Students.
(3) One representative each from the Faculty Societies (ME, PE, Mechanical, MME, FME, Electronics, CSE, Electrical, ESE, Chemical, AGL, AGP, MS, Applied Math, Chemistry and Physics).
(4) One representative of the meritorious students from each year of B.Tech (total 3 students).
(5) One sportsman.
(6) One Hostel Perfect from each hostel.
(7) One Secretary from of the following societies: CSLS, Chayanika Sangh, Music Society, Cyber Society, Photographic Society, Yoga Society and NSS.
All members are selected after an interview by the concerned Presidents/Faculty Members/Wardens. GPA and extra-curricular activities form most important part of the selection criteria.

Executive Committee: Executive Committee is elected by (through voting) members of Electoral College from among its members.
Note: Any student who has appeared in any special examination or against whom any kind of disciplinary action has been taken, is not eligible to apply for the interview process of Electoral College

Functioning of ISS: First, a General Body Meeting (GBM) is organized to take feedback from students regarding their problems. After that, the issues raised in GBM are discussed in the ISS-Administration meeting. A GBM is held again to update students about the progress.

Suggestions to admins: From time to time, demands have been raised to make the selection process more democratic. A large section of ISMites feels that instead of selecting members of ISS through an interview, students should themselves chose the members by election/voting.