About 20 days ago, two boys from a small village of Rohtak district of Haryana boarded a bus for the city. They had been selected in the prestigious Indian Army and had to catch a train from Rohtak Railway Station to the place of their pre-scheduled Army training. But fate had decided something else for them. Inside the bus, they were battered with sandals and leather belts by two sisters. Due to their virtues (or something else), they refrained from lifting hand on the girls. Other passengers were too defensive to rescue the boys. Another girl (a friend of the two girls) very immaculately made a video of the entire assault (and only of the assault, not a second before or after) and sent the clip to some news channels.

Within a matter of minutes, the clip was being shown on every channel and shared heavily on social-media. The girls were hailed as ‘Veerangana’, ‘Bahadur Betiyaan’, and their ‘bravery’ was compared to Rani Lakshmi Bai. They immediately became icons of the ‘struggle’ against women oppression and harassment. Within an hour of the entire episode, the government announced to confer the ‘brave girls’ with the highest bravery award of Haryana.

And the boys? The boys were marked as the epitome of molestation, rape and all other evils. Their names were splashed all across the front pages of scandal sheets. They were arrested and put in prison before they could reach the railway station. Indian Army removed them their jobs without wasting a minute. As if all this was not enough, some self-styled feminist Facebook pages branded all men present inside the bus as ‘impotent’ and all Haryanvis as ‘misogynist’ because they just watched the battery when they should have killed the boys! Some ‘feminism-obsessed cool dudes’ suggested to castrate the boys.

The worst part is that all this happened without any evidence and witness against the boys. Even the most tyrannical of all foreign Muslim and colonial British rulers listened to the second side before delivering any judgement, but the modern TRP begging news channels, attention-whore pages and people on Facebook and the ‘masala’ seeking society don’t think it necessary. For them a man is always an offender and a woman is always a victim. Irony is that all the events occurred in a so-called male-dominated nation whose society is accused of being patriarchal by the faux-feminists. If we have a closer insight, we can analyse that our society was not always like this, it has come to its present form due to years of venom insidiously spread in our minds by the faux-feminists.

Feminism is a wolf in sheep’s garb. Its outlining principles sound very pleasing to our egalitarian brains, but its present form is very dangerous for our society in the long-run because it is not simply limited to equality of men and women; the above event is just a small testimonial of this fact. Numerous misandrist laws have been formed in our country due to the outcry of these self-declared feminists. According to the data collected by NICB, 98% dowry cases and 75% rape cases are false (read somewhere on Quora). A single FIR of a married woman is enough to put the entire family of the husband behind bars. Any unnatural death of a woman within seven years of her marriage means that the husband must have killed her for dowry. According to the recently formed Nirbhya law, a male can be arrested for just looking at a woman with ‘bad motive’, men can also be arrested for just giving a missed call to any woman.

All these misandrist laws and the faux-feminists have not been of any help to the women who are facing harassment in reality. It’s now necessary to completely get rid of this concept of feminism. And to do this, we require a long process of judicial and societal reforms. Otherwise days are not far away when “घर में माँ – बहन नहीं है क्या ?” would be changed to “घर में बाप और भाई नहीं है क्या ?”

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